Spotlight: Danberry Building Corporation

From the blueprints to the build, how Jeff Danberry helps you create your dream home

“I’m the guy you go to when you don’t know where to start with your home project. I’m like MacGyver, the one you go to solve problems as they arise,” laughs Jeff Danberry, owner of Danberry Building Corporation and Excelsior Design Group. Jeff is your guide through what can be an overwhelming process and helps navigate the maze of regulations and details that come with a remodel project or home build when you don’t know what to do first — go to the bank? City? Builder? Create the plans? 

“The Danberry Building Corp. has the contracting license, and I created the Excelsior Design Group as the design side. This way, we can be involved in the process from the beginning and ensure not only everything stays within budget but that everything follows regulations and zoning procedures set up by the city,” explains Jeff. “So many times, clients have come to me with plans that are not set up very well; if you do things out of order, you can pay for plans that are not buildable.”

Jeff and his team helped Nina and Jon Richter navigate this process with a complete remodel, transforming their house into a home they love. “We wanted to create a home we could enjoy retirement in,” shares Nina. “Jeff listened to us and understood what we were trying to achieve. He provided us with his advice and different options, allowing us to make decisions we loved. The lines of communication were always open.”

“We rearranged the entire floor plan and added some square footage,” says Jeff. “The laundry room and master suite are both now on the main level with walk-through dual master walk-in closets. We removed the fireplace to create an open floor plan, and we created a plan so everything has lake views — the kitchen, family room, deck, and master bedroom, and you have a clear view of the lake right when you walk in the front door.” 

“The final result ended up great,” says Nina. “The space is calming, with a great flow and tons of natural light. We love the one-level living, and our new, big dining room is fabulous for entertaining. For us, it’s just perfect.”

Creating a home you love is Jeff’s specialty. “Basically, what I do is listen,” says Jeff. “You discover what they’d like to do and their pain points. One of the first things you do, and what I did with the Richter’s home, is group the formal and informal spaces together. For example, if you walk in from the garage and enter immediately into the dining room, it feels wrong.”

Jeff explains informal spaces begin with the garage entry and should open to the mudroom and then into a kitchen. Formal spaces start with the front entry and open to the staircase and formal dining room. The kitchen and family room are in between the informal and formal spaces. When your floor plan follows this grouping pattern, your space flows and feels more inviting.

Next, Jeff focuses on the views. “To create a space you love, we highlight the views you want to see or block those you don’t want to see,” laughs Jeff. “Nina and Jon’s original floor plan didn’t optimize the amazing lake views they wanted. So, if you have a wooded area or river or pond, we create a design where you can enjoy the beautiful view. Likewise, we can block a neighbor’s house or a busy road.” 

Jeff and his team make the entire process seem effortless. “Over the past 30 years, I’ve put together an excellent crew of people I rely on. Each project is personal for us, and if there’s a problem, I’ll be the one to come out to solve it,” says Jeff. 

While tackling your next home remodel project may initially seem overwhelming, now you know exactly where to start. Learn more and connect with Jeff and his team at www.excelsiordesigngroup.com

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