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Spotlight: Destiny Homes

How the team at Destiny Homes goes above and beyond for every customer

“If you’re going to go through the process of remodeling your kitchen or primary bathroom, or build from the ground up, it better be the kitchen, the bathroom, or the home of your dreams!” says Richard Harsdorf, owner of Destiny Homes. And crafting custom and beautiful destinations you call home is exactly what Destiny Homes has been doing for decades. 

“We spend so much time in our homes. It’s where we raise our families and share moments with friends. That’s why we do everything possible to give our customers exactly what they want. We always go above and beyond, never cut corners, and make sure everything is done right so you won’t find yourself needing to fix something later. You show us a straight wall, and we’ll show you our walls are even straighter,” says Richard. This showcases the company's dedication to precision and excellence in every project they undertake.

Richard and his team’s passion for what they do is palpable. “The team we’ve put together, both internally and with our subcontractors, is by far the best I’ve ever seen,” says Richard. “We do everything to make it right for the customer, to make them happy and ensure they love their home. Every design we do is different and custom to the customer’s vision. When you come to us for a remodel or home build, we’ll first set up a meeting and bring along one of our truly amazing designers to understand your needs, wants, and style. We ask a ton of questions. For instance, in a kitchen remodel, do they need a pantry that rolls out, do they want a double or single sink, do they want something unique, do they love to cook, or are they looking for a wow factor to make the kitchen the centerpiece of their home. This personalized approach allows us to provide a ballpark figure upfront, ensuring transparency in pricing and giving clients a clear understanding of the investment involved.”

After the initial meeting, Richard and his team will be there every step of the way. Their dedicated designer will accompany you to the showrooms and help you navigate the overwhelming amount of choices and decisions, narrowing down what works for your aesthetic, vision, and needs. Before any work is started, Richard and his team, including all the subcontractors, will have a full bid meeting with you to finalize the project details and price, answer any questions, and discuss any changes.

“There’s always changes, and that’s okay!” says Richard. “We want the final project to be exactly what the customer wanted. Our project manager, Gipson, is great at communicating with customers throughout the entire project.” Destiny Homes uses Buildertrend software and leaves a whiteboard with all their customers so they can always stay informed and track the project progress, including when contractors will show up at their home to do work. 

“Communication with our customers is key. Our office manager, Charlene, is always ready to answer calls at a moment’s notice and sometimes beats me to the office,” says Richard. “And we have our own estimator, Sondra, who ensures our customers receive precise numbers with minimal surprises. Our founder, Butch, his commitment to excellence remains a guiding force, ensuring that the principles of precision and customer satisfaction are deeply ingrained in every project. Our incredible team is what really helps distinguish Destiny Homes. That includes all our subcontractors. We've carefully selected experts for every aspect, collaborating with reliable companies who are the best in their fields.”

It’s clear Richard and his team at Destiny Homes go to every length for their customers, not only building amazing designs with craftsmanship and artistry but making the process of creating custom destinations as delightful as the destination itself. 

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