Spotlight: Moda Salon

From humble beginnings, how Ash Chapman redefines the luxury hair salon experience

Around eight years ago, Ash Chapman risked it all, purchasing a small, run-down salon in Vadnais Heights. “I was 24 years old, just had a baby, and only had $6,000 to my name,” shares Ash. “I was completely broke and just bought a really crappy salon. Everything in there was broken. My dad helped me fix every dryer and chair, and slowly it came together.” 

It was the start of an incredible journey as Ash recently celebrated the expansion of Moda Salon in Wayzata, a luxury experience salon specializing in custom hair. “From starting with nothing, I was able to create an amazing place for my stylists and guests to feel cared for and to leave with a new confidence, feeling really good about their hair,” says Ash.

And while the Vadnais Heights salon is long gone, it’s where Ash created her unique model that sets Moda apart. 

Ash reflects, “I’ve watched a lot of stylists struggle, fumbling in the wind to build their business. For me, it was so much more than doing pretty hair. I wanted to create a luxury experience for both my stylists and clients, and had to figure out my own process and business model. That’s when I began to mentor and teach my stylists.”

Ash created a training program for all her stylists. “We take the time and individualize our teaching to meet our stylists where they’re at in their journey, training in all aspects so our stylists can be well-rounded and successful and provide our clients with an experience like no other.” 

When you walk into Moda’s beautiful expanded space in Wayzata, your stylist will spend the time to listen to you, discussing what you’re struggling with and your concerns so you can walk away with a custom style, cut, and color that you love.

“So many times in salons, you just sit in a chair, and no one explains what they’re doing or offers new ideas or options. The beautiful thing about our team at Moda is that they’re all so incredibly creative,” says Ash. “Even when you see the same stylist, you’ll never be stuck in a rut. Because we’re continuously educating, we’re always on the cutting edge and can offer our clients new ideas and techniques. And then, most importantly, we teach our clients how to maintain and style their look. Without that piece, we haven’t done our job fully. It makes such a huge difference.” 

The other piece is the open and welcoming environment Ash has created at Moda, revealing how deeply she cares about her stylists and her clients. “No matter what you’re wearing, what you’re rocking, we want you to be able to come in and feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and say, ‘Hey, I’m really struggling with this, or I don’t love my hair’ and then have someone genuinely care and show up for you. Hair is so personal and can truly affect someone’s confidence and how they move through life.” 

Looking back on where she started, Ash laughs, “I was literally the most naive person. I just got my booty handed to me over and over. But I kept getting up and kept going, learning valuable lessons. You don’t have to start with a lot to get started.”

Moda now has two locations, one in St. Paul and one in Wayzata. “I love providing a luxurious and customized experience for our clients, offering a space where everyone feels welcome and cared for and where we always put out amazing hair.” www.modamademn.com

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