Spotlight: Nothing But Hemp

How the team at Nothing But Hemp is helping the community through CBD

Before Tyson Archer opened Nothing But Hemp in Chaska, he was a customer first. "As I was going through my 20s, my anxiety began getting worse and worse, and some back pain started to emerge," shares Tyson. "I didn't want to start on any medications, so I went to a Nothing But Hemp shop and tried my first CBD tincture. I started feeling better on the drive home. After that, I became a regular user of CBD products."

Tyson opened the store with his aunt Julie, who had also discovered the benefits of CBD. Together, they've helped countless people feel relief they couldn't achieve through traditional approaches. "A lot of our customers come to us in pain, or they can't sleep or suffer from anxiety. When they've tried other methods, and nothing has worked, they come to us to see if we could be a potential solution," says Tyson. "My favorite part of the job is hearing the success stories of customers who could come off anti-anxiety medications, who could stop taking 12 to 15 Aleve a day, or that they've finally had a good night's sleep."

Nothing But Hemp has become a trusted name in the industry. "Our products are top of the line, vegan, organic — no artificial stuff. Ours are some of the cleanest edibles you can find. You know exactly what you're getting. Our products provide a summary of third-party lab test results and a QR code where you can see down to the percentage of every cannabinoid that's in it." 

Tyson explains CBD's benefits derive from anti-inflammatory properties, making it helpful for so many things in the body. "In layman's terms, when you introduce cannabinoids to the body, they activate the endocannabinoid system, a biological system that helps your body maintain homeostasis and keeps all your other systems functioning correctly. If you're not introducing cannabinoids to your body, things can start going out of whack. CBD offers a course correction."

Tyson and every member of the staff are well-trained and incredibly knowledgeable. If you've never tried CBD products, Nothing But Hemp is a great place to begin and learn everything you need to know from the experts. "We first always have a conversation with you. We get to know who you are and why you're here so we can recommend the right products and give you the best solution to your needs," assures Tyson. "I like to say we're the anti-smoke shop. You'll walk into a bright, open, inviting space. We're not there just to sell you something. We pride ourselves on helping people, and that's always the number one priority for us."

While the staff at Nothing But Hemp will always customize their recommendations depending on the person and their needs, Tyson advises when starting out to go low and go slow. You don't need to go with the strongest right off the bat. You'll find a variety of great products, from tinctures to edibles. "We have a lot of fun new products coming out in the edibles space with unique gummies, and the beverages space is just exploding," shares Tyson. "Unlike other companies, our gummies are also infused with terpenes which elicit different feelings such as a relaxing effect."

A popular product for sleep and one of Tyson's go-to's is the Grand Daddy Purple. "I take it about a half hour before bed and drift off quickly and stay asleep," says Tyson. Another of Tyson's favorites is the Bomb Pop gummy, which tastes just like the popsicle and is a great stress reliever. 

Tyson and the staff at Nothing But Hemp are ready to help you discover all the benefits of CBD. "We're a family business dedicated to helping people in our community find the right solution with knowledgeable, informed recommendations," says Tyson. Stop by their Chaska store and learn more at

We pride ourselves on helping people, and that's always the number one priority for us.

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