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When the alarm clock sounds, it’s time to rise and shine, but the snooze button always seems more enticing. And even after the fifth snooze, you need a coffee infusion before beginning to mentally process the day ahead. Sound familiar?

Owner and founder of Revive MD, Dr. Alfonso Morales, along with co-founder Elizabeth Collins, hear this story all the time. They started Revive to help patients improve and maintain health, promoting anti-aging and longevity through hormone replacement and optimization.

“Our hormones decline as we age,” explains Dr. Morales. “That’s what makes us age and feel the symptoms of getting older. When you optimize and replace your hormones, you feel much better and eliminate those symptoms of aging.”

Revive uses anti-aging modalities, including hormone replacement, supplements, nutrition, IV and vitamin infusions, CBD for inflammation and pain, and new technologies like peptides that improve growth hormones and immunity and work as an anti-inflammatory.

“We are preventative and proactive versus reactive,” says Dr. Morales. “We still do traditional medicine, but instead of only reacting and treating an illness once you have it, we work to prevent chronic disease and illness from happening in the first place.”

Revive’s story is also a love story. “We actually met out on a date,” says Elizabeth. “At that time, my online fitness training and nutrition business wasn’t going the way I wanted it to.” Dr. Morales adds, “And after 30 years of practicing in the area of pain and addiction, I was just burned out and wanted to switch my focus to anti-aging, but didn’t know how. I wanted to revive and renew.” After they met, they decided to combine their businesses, opening Revive MD in St. Paul.

“It’s a beautiful story,” says Dr. Morales. “We revived our careers, our lives, our love lives, and this blossomed into a wonderful business, helping others revive at the same time too.”

Revive MD started out of one little room before quickly growing and expanding into the entire suite, offering comprehensive preventative care for health and wellness and improving quality of life.

Usually, most come to Revive because they feel miserable. They don’t sleep well. They feel tired and experience brain fog. They have a low libido, and their energy level isn’t like it used to be. Even when active and working out, their gains aren’t the same, and the weight just doesn’t come off anymore. “They feel discouraged,” says Dr. Morales. “Then they’ll go to their doctor, run a fair amount of labs, and the doctor will tell them, ‘Yep, you’re normal. We’ll see you next year.’ But they still feel miserable and don’t know what to do.”

This is where Revive’s approach makes all the difference. When you step into the clinic, you experience private, personalized care that focuses on the individual. This includes a physical exam, full patient history, and a comprehensive lab panel, testing for vitamin and nutritional deficiencies, inflammatory markers, hormones, and more, to create a unique, customized plan for your wellness as you age.

“Many of our patients are from the Lake Minnetonka area,” says Elizabeth. “We make sure as soon as they walk in the door, from the first meeting to follow-ups, they have a great personalized experience.”

Dr. Morales looks at the whole person, going beyond just the numbers, and takes account of lifestyle, nutrition, stress, and the mental health component. “We have a network of people we work with who have the same philosophy. For example, we can refer ketamine specialists, psychiatrists, and therapists. If there’s something really serious that needs further investigation, we guide them to the right person. We have a community,” explains Dr. Morales.

Patients seeking Revive’s services typically range between 40 and 60 years of age. However, Dr. Morales has had patients in their 30s coming to him for help with stress-related issues and patients well beyond their 60s who want to simply feel better.

“We see our patients for a lifetime. We’re like your greater family physician. We’ll see you for as long as I can live,” laughs Dr. Morales. And with Revive’s preventative and whole-body approach, Dr. Morales will be around for a long time.

“The biggest reward is when patients return a month later and say, ‘Doc, I feel better than ever.’ They’re able to play with their kids or grandkids, their relationship with their wife is great, they’ve lost weight,” says Dr. Morales.

Revive MD is hoping to grow, eventually opening more locations. “We want to reach out to people who could really benefit from our services,” says Elizabeth.

If you're ready to stop dreading your morning alarm clock and finally feel revived, check out revivemdmsp.com.

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