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Spotlight: Rush Bowls

How one local couple is making eating healthy easy and delicious

Libby and John Hitt may have done the near impossible. They found an easy and delicious way to sneak in your daily dose of veggies. “It’s almost like ice cream. Even our three-year-old loves it,” laughs Libby. Serving up fresh, all natural blended fruit bowls and smoothies, Libby and John brought the first Rush Bowls to Minnesota, opening their first location in Minnetonka in 2022. 

“Our bowls are a great way for people to get in their healthy fruits and vegetables,” says John. “It’s something fun and different and a healthy alternative to other fast casual fare. I think people are just surprised how good it actually tastes.” 

From their signature Beach Bowl to their Hangover Cure smoothie, Rush Bowls’ menu is packed with brightly-colored blended fruit bowls and smoothies that offer up to five servings of fruits and veggies in each bowl.

“For someone who hasn’t tried us before we recommend starting with our Beach Bowl,” suggests Libby. “It’s our best seller blended with acai, bananas, mangoes, and guava juice. Each of our bowls are also topped with a drizzle of honey and our gluten-free, crunchy granola. Everyone raves about the granola.” 

John adds, “Every bowl is customizable. You can choose whichever toppings you like. We can top each bowl with freshly cut strawberries, bananas, blueberries, coconut, almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds. And if you want to add a little flair we can add chocolate chips or graham cracker crumbles.”

“We don’t discriminate,” laughs Libby. “Whatever toppings or combos you love, we can make it.” 

While many of the Rush Bowls are naturally dairy-free and gluten-free, if you do have any dietary restrictions, they can easily accommodate. “You can also add in boosts and supplements to get your protein in,” says John. “The Super Protein Smoothie is great when you’re on the go or have a full day. It’s packed with fruit, spinach, protein powder, and a scoop of our house-made peanut butter, so there’s around 40 grams of protein in just one smoothie.”

“We grind our own peanut butter in house every day so it’s absolutely amazing,” shares Libby. “All of our bowls are very filling. You don’t feel like it’s just a snack and you’ll have to eat a meal later. You can have a bowl or smoothie for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and you’re all set. And, you’re getting in all your nutritional value at the same time.”

Not only are Rush Bowls great after a workout or on the go, but it’s a great option for events. “We’ve catered graduation parties, business meetings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and office, retailer, and school events,” shares Libby. “We’re open to anything and can make anything work. We can customize and accommodate whatever our customers need for their event.” Certainly, a fresh, cool acai bowl would be the perfect addition to a mid-August wedding in Minnesota!   

“We honestly just love providing our customers with a healthy product they can feel good about,” says John. “When I see somebody enjoying one of our bowls or smoothies and see their reaction and a smile on their face, it makes it all worthwhile.”

And Libby and John make sure everyone in the family can enjoy a healthy and delicious treat. Their 60-pound Goldendoodle can dig into the Bow Wow Bowl made with banana, peanut butter, milk, froyo, and topped with a treat. “We love dogs,” says Libby. “We’re pet-friendly at Rush Bowls so you can bring your furry family member along. We treat everyone here like family.”

This past April Libby and John opened a second Rush Bowls location in Edina and plan to open three more locations. “We’re so excited to bring Rush Bowls to the community in Minnetonka and now in Edina,” says Libby. “We can’t wait to continue to grow and bring more delicious and healthy options to the Twin Cities.” 

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