Spotlight: True North Home Watch

How one local business is bringing peace of mind when you're away on vacation

Nothing ruins a vacation more than getting a call from your neighbor while mid-sip Mai Tai, and they say, “Soo, hope you’re having a good time, but… a tree just fell on your roof.” Your biggest worry on vacation should be picking the perfect spot to lay your beach towel. 

“I can’t tell you how many stories I have when somebody leaves for vacation and returns home only to discover water damage from a leaking water heater, or their pipes have frozen, or the power has gone out, or there’s storm damage and now, instead of coming home rejuvenated they have to deal with tons of damage and stress,” says Mike Gottsacker, owner of True North Home Watch.

True North Home Watch is a professional home watch company that inspects your home or second home inside and out for any issues while you’re away. “We offer a peace of mind,” says Mike. “Having a neighbor or family member is one thing, but what happens when everything hits the fan? When you need someone to manage a crisis or unexpected situation. A neighbor or family isn’t always willing to take that on or is truly unable. How do you manage everything when you’re in Florida?” 

This is when Mike becomes your favorite person. “I’m your eyes and ears while you enjoy vacation. Typically, we visit the property once a week, though that can vary depending on what the homeowner requests,” explains Mike. “During each visit, we go through a 40+ point inspection, customized to the homeowner’s specific requirements, and when the inspection is complete, the homeowner receives a link to the report in an email where they can read and see what I found during the inspection, including geo-located timestamps and photos of your property.”

If anything arises, from something small like an unexpected package delivery or something big like water damage, Mike is there to handle it, communicate with you, and coordinate with the right people to fix the situation, always running any decision by you.  

“We also offer concierge services,” says Mike. “For example, if you’re having a bunch of furniture delivered while you’re away, I can let them in and make sure everything goes in the right place. Or, if you’re going to arrive home late and exhausted from your trip, we can get groceries for you and have everything stocked and ready for when you come home.”

Mike is the only one in the state certified with the National Home Watch Association (NHWA). “There’s so many points of failure in a home, and many don’t even know what to look for,” says Mike. “Not only am I certified through the NHWA, but I grew up around real estate. My father was a real estate developer, and I started building houses with his crew when I was 15. After college, I got into real estate myself for 20 years, but I’ve always had a love for the construction side and have a discerning eye and the experience to spot potential problems before they become real problems.”

Before you hand over your keys, Mike always meets the homeowner face to face to discuss everything and develop that trust and assurance. “Trust is a huge factor. I want the homeowner to be completely confident and comfortable with me,” affirms Mike. “To me, the home is extraordinarily important. Your home is your biggest investment, and I want you to feel perfectly at ease hopping on that plane and knowing that your home will be safe and that someone trusted and reliable will take care of it.” 

What Mike offers at True North Home Watch is hard to come by. Having that peace of mind is everything. But now you can relax and truly enjoy that Mai Tai, knowing that even if something goes wrong, Mike will be there to handle it. Learn more: truenorthhomewatch.com

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