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Get to Know Local Dentist Kelly Privett

Local dentist Dr. Kelly Privett has been helping Ohians achieve their healthiest and most beautiful smiles for 14 years. After years of dreaming, she took the leap to expand her business and purchased her new practice from retiring dentist Dr. Jodie Jenkins. The impact of her career quadrupled when her practice moved from Springboro to her new West Chester location near Cincinnati-Dayton Road and Liberty Way, expanding from 1,200 to 4,800 clients.

“It very quickly had become apparent that [my former practice] was a small space, and if I wanted to grow or take on more patients or staff or procedures, I’d need a bigger space,” she says.

Cosmetic dentistry in general is one of her passions, as a “good smile will increase confidence so much and impacts everything [patients] do,” she explains. 

In addition to giving people their best smile, Privett is on a mission to make the dentist’s office a place people will not dread going. Her goal is to get the work done and stay professional while helping patients to have a “little fun” along the way.

“I treat my staff and patients the same as I treat my friends and family. I want people to feel comfortable. I want them to know everyone, and joke and laugh and have a good time,” she says. 

Among her proudest career accomplishments has been succeeding as a woman in a male-dominated field. 

“I try not to, good or bad, ever use ‘I’m a woman’ for an excuse for anything that I couldn’t do that a man could,” she says. 

Dr. Privett has impacted thousands of patients over the years, and now the Liberty/West Chester community will benefit from her expertise. 

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