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Spring Break For Your Skin

Three new treatments to refresh your look

Put your best face forward this spring with the help of the skin experts at Dermatology & Surgery. Dermatologist and founding physician Scott Grevey, M.D., and his friendly team are committed to bringing the latest technologies to their patients, offering cutting-edge treatments that eliminate the need to cut.

“Dermatology is a really interesting specialty to be in because there are a lot of new, noninvasive procedures going on right now,” Dr. Grevey says. “We are able to achieve great results with minimal downtime.”

Give your skin a spring break with one of these three new, noninvasive treatments.

1. truSculpt iD

The newest technology available, truSculpt iD targets trouble areas to reduce fat tissue by up to 24%. In as little as 15 minutes, therapeutic radiofrequency gently heats and destroys fat cells. This body contouring treatment is commonly used anywhere you may have a little extra fat to lose: the mid-section, tops of knees, arms, chin, back and thighs.

“It feels like a warm stone massage, with no discomfort or downtime,” says Brittany Gerber, Medical and Marketing Coordinator at Dermatology & Surgery. “Patients can even do it on their lunch break and are back to regular activities the next day.”

2. Ultherapy

Rejuvenate your skin with this new firming and tightening treatment for the face and neck. In a 60- to 90-minute appointment, the therapy promotes production of collagen and elastin, as if turning back time. Patients benefit from a restored and refreshed face.

“This is an ultrasound treatment,” Dr. Grevey explains. “It’s very safe—no cutting and no breach of the skin integrity—and effective, with immediate results.”

“It helps revive your skin, for an uplifting experience,” adds Kim Gildea, Nurse Manager at Dermatology & Surgery.

3. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

This all-natural treatment adds volume to the face, regenerates skin and boosts hair vitality. PRP is also used to advance wound healing and sexual wellness in women. A simple blood draw and fat harvest supplies all a patient needs to revitalize from head to toe.

“Instead of using fillers that are manufactured in a pharmaceutical lab, we are using a patient’s natural body products, their platelets and fat cells, to rejuvenate and recreate volume,” Dr. Grevey explains. 

“PRP has long-lasting results,” Kim notes.

Don’t Forget a Skin Screening

No treatment beats prevention. The professionals at Dermatology & Surgery are interested in preventative care so they can stop skin damage before it even starts.

“It’s easier to keep wrinkles from coming than it is to get rid of them,” Brittany says. “We want to get ahead of the game and start you on a regimen for your best, healthiest skin.”

Skin cancer checks are especially important if there’s a family history or you’ve had sun or tanning bed exposure.

“May is Melanoma Awareness month,” Kim says. “Everyone should see a dermatologist and get their skin checked.”

“What makes our practice stand out is that we have a great team. It’s a great staff of caring, qualified and experienced people. We treat our patients with the utmost care and respect, and we want them to get a great result—that’s ultimately what we are trying to achieve.” –Dr. Scott Grevey

Schedule your skin screening and consultation at Dermatology & Surgery’s convenient location at 7132 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, Liberty Township.

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