Restoration + A Rainbow of Nutrients and Minerals

Start Fresh With This Detoxifying Salad

Have you been hibernating all winter-- maybe all year-- indulging in comfort foods?

Just like you spring clean your house, you also need to spring clean your body.

In spring, our bodies naturally sense an opportunity for a fresh, clean start—a chance to cleanse ourselves of any accumulated toxins and to rejuvenate.

Eating in-season foods will provide your body with more nutrients, help your body adjust to the changing climate, and help your body defend itself against typical illnesses and allergies in spring.  

This succulent detox salad recipe below is jam-packed with nutrients, minerals, and detoxifying benefits that your whole body will love!

Seriously Delicious Skin Detox Salad 

Salad Ingredients

+ 1/4 Cup red cabbage- chopped

+ 1 Medium carrot- chopped or shredded

+ 1 Small beet- sliced or chopped

+ 1 Handful of radishes- sliced or chopped

+ 1 Small endive- sliced

+ Handful of cilantro- chopped

+ Handful of raw almonds- chopped

Dressing Ingredients

+ Juice of ½ lemon

+ 1 Tsp raw apple cider vinegar

+ 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

+ Sea salt and pepper to taste


Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Mix well. Pour dressing over salad mixture. Voila! 

This salad would pair nicely with a simple lemon and cucumber detox water. Add lemon and cucumber slices to a glass of water and let it set to maximize nutrients. Enjoy! 



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