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Spring Forward

early planning and tips to acheive your dream landscape

With a few weeks left of winter, it may be hard to think ahead to warmer weather, but spring is right around the corner, and it’s never too early to start planning for stunning lawns, eye-catching landscaping, and beautiful beds of flowers. 

To bring you the best advice, John Howard, owner of Lawns by Luke,  has several steps for you to take to achieve your dream yard. John owns a full-service landscaping business here in Mount Juliet, making homes shine come spring, 

 Q: What should homeowners do now to prepare?  

A: Give all of your landscaping an overhaul. This includes cleaning and treating your beds for weeds, pruning shrubs and trees, adding new mulch or rock down, and more. It’s also a great time to schedule new plantings. If you have a treatment plan in place for your lawn, ensure you are getting your necessary pre-emergents and fertilizers out. It would help to install an irrigation system; water is the most integral part of a healthy lawn. And if you have an irrigation system, be sure to activate and pressurize your system and check it over for proper functionality, leaks, and needed upgrades.

Q: What are the biggest mistakes people make? 

A: Common mistakes always include cutting your lawn too low. For example, most of us around here have Tall Fescue grass, a cool-season grass intended to be tall. You should consistently cut fescue lawns around 4” or longer. Another mistake is putting out weed control at the same time as seeds and fertilizers, which can prohibit proper germination of that new grass. If you have many flowering plants, such as hydrangeas, azaleas, roses, or rhododendrons, wait until the plants have experienced full bloom before you prune; otherwise, you will lose the blooms for that season. Pruning before full blooms also forces the plant to bloom new growth on old wood, exacerbating winter damage if it’s still cold out.

Q: What is your recommended maintenance for keeping everything lush and healthy? 

A: Consistent lawn cutting allows for less to be cut off each time and a proper height to be maintained. It would be best if you planned to prune shrubs and trees, aerate and seed the lawn, and winterize your irrigation system again in the fall. It is also an ideal time to plant trees, so if you have a large planting project to protect that investment, plant in the fall. 

Q: If a homeowner isn’t into DIY, what should they consider when engaging in a landscaping service?

A: Communication, follow-up, and accessibility are crucial. Your service must have the communication tools to streamline the customer’s experience. When meeting a client for the first time, we are always surprised to hear a client tell us how hard it was to get someone to answer their phone or show up; It’s also a good idea to go with a full-service provider. For example, we offer landscaping design and installation, tree planting, sod installation, irrigation servicing and installation, and scheduled lawn cutting. That way, our clients don’t have to work with multiple companies. Look to partner with your landscaper by March so you can have access to the proper lawn and landscaping services early. This way, you can add your lawn to the mowing schedule, any lawn applications can be determined and scheduled, and your landscaping needs, such as plantings and enhancements, can be performed before the warmer season starts. That will give you plenty of time to enjoy a lush and beautiful Spring and Summer season. 

For those who prefer to leave your yard grooming to the professionals, contact John at Lawns for Luke for a quote for his services.