Spring Forward

Fresh, fun and affordable ways to liven up your home decor

It’s almost time to spring forward, which means more sunshine, warmer temperatures, a lot of basketball and many folks’ favorite...spring cleaning! After you have rolled up your sleeves and wiped away the winter grime, Megan Mosier with Megan Gensky Interiors has some tips on how to refresh and revive your home for 2022 based on the latest trends in home decor and design.

Spring can be a welcome time to look at your home décor with fresh eyes. Mosier believes that the items you place in your home for the decoration should speak to your lifestyle, and can be an extension of your family history. Megan says, “I have a client whose husband loves to hunt, so we have incorporated antlers into their décor.” Old family pictures can be reframed for a new life or unpack your wedding album to serve as a coffee table book. Mosier says, “don’t be afraid to put out those items that have meaning to you.”

If you feel inspired to try a DIY project, Megan suggests focusing on your walls for an affordable impact. A fresh coat of paint or adding wallpaper can easily update a room. The trend toward creamier, warmer neutrals is making a comeback and green is picking up speed as the new “it” color. “Sherwin Williams 2022 color of the year is Evergreen Fog, and I have already had several clients request it,” she says. Like fashion, home décor trends can fluctuate. Megan recommends using wallpaper in small rooms like a powder bath or laundry room to help make easy changes down the road. She is also an advocate of using artwork. “Artwork is sometimes overlooked. However, it can add a pop of color and overall makes your house a home because it is unique to your space.”

While Mother Nature is working on gardens outside, consider extending a vase of fresh flowers to the inside for a beautiful, quick fix. For something that lasts a little longer but is still organic, dried greens are a pleasing addition to shelves, a bedside table, or your kitchen counter. 

Gensky shared that she is in the process of switching out light fixtures in her own home, which is an easy way to integrate trends into your space. “Mixing metals can be scary for some people, but you don’t have to use all the same color. You can introduce gold fixtures to your kitchen or entryway, even if the rest of your house has fixtures with a different finish.”

We spent a lot of time in 2020 and 2021 trying to figure out how to balance the necessary multi-functional demands on our homes resulting from Covid 19 quarantines. As we move into 2022 Megan says, “the new obstacle for homeowners in this post-pandemic world is getting something that you love to arrive in a timely manner. From tile to furniture, the supply chain issues are really impacting the world of home interior design projects.” She stressed that when planning a project for this year, it is never too early to order.

Take advantage of the upcoming garage sale season and de-clutter. Many of Megan’s clients are choosing clutter hiders like lockers or benches with storage. Additionally, they do not feel the need to fill every space. This can open design options, especially in the kitchen. Clean, simple spaces with a calming effect are in high demand. More than ever before, we want our homes to be streamlined and functional, yet cozy and warm.

For inspiration on ways to spruce up your home, there are many options. Megan suggests checking out Instagram or Pinterest, but she is also a fan of looking at other forms of media to generate ideas. She says, “I love watching movies and zeroing in on the design aspects. Cruella, Father of the Bride, The Intern, The Devil Wears Prada are some of my favorites and the design is so good!”

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