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Spring is great time to apply mulch to beautify gardens.

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Spring Ready

Making the best home and garden come warm weather

March is a time for spring cleaning homes and yards to get them spruced up from the winter months and ready for the warmer months. Even if the weather isn’t cooperating, there are many things that homeowners can do now to make for a more enjoyable spring and summer season.

One of the first things to take care of inside the home is the accumulation of dust and dirt that tends to accumulate during the winter. Whether that be from closed windows or tracking in mud, it’s nice to remove it as soon as possible. 

“During the winter months, we tend to keep our windows shut to keep the warmth inside. This lack of ventilation traps dust particles indoors, allowing them to accumulate more easily,” explains Carrielynn Fournier, owner and operation of Busy Bee Cleans. “Without fresh air circulation, dust has nowhere to escape, leading to a buildup on furniture, shelves, and other surfaces.”

After a thorough dusting and vacuuming of the house, early spring is a good time to pay some extra attention to the windows, vents and curtains. “Curtains can gather a lot of dust, mold, or dirt if not cleaned every so often and can lead to allergies and an unhygienic home,” says Carrielynn.

It’s also a good time to start sprucing up patios and porches, cleaning furniture and rugs and assessing if anything needs to be replaced this year.

Once all the snow has melted, homeowners should start by looking at the area around their driveways for possible damage from snow removal.

“Snow plows tend to rip up the grass areas closest to the corners and outer edges of the driveway,” explains Brayden Burgielewicz, owner of Brayden’s Landscaping. “To fix these areas I recommend you apply a fresh coat of loam, as well as new grass seed. After your repairs have been done it's a must that you water those areas for best results.”

Up next would be a quick assessment of the lawn looking for new bare spots and getting rid of the old grass by dethatching with a machine or rake. After dethatching, Brayden recommends applying grass seed to bare spots, with hay on top to keep the seeds in place and act as a fertilizer.

Once the grass is set, homeowners should turn their attention to seasonal plantings that may need pruning such as forsythias, lavender or dogwood. Spring is also a good time to add new mulch to garden beds, trim shrubs, and get sprinkler systems up and running.

Taking some time in early spring to get the home and yard back on track will pay huge dividends in the long run. These tasks will set up both the home and yard to be more enjoyable in the warmer months.

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  • Spring is great time to apply mulch to beautify gardens.
  • Dethatching helps the grass.
  • Dusting is critical in the early spring.