Spring Urge to Purge?

Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Service Can Pave the Way

With seasonal cleaning underway, it's challenging to resist the urge to scrub, scrub, scrub. Each cleaning session involves "detail cleaning," says Veronica Short, owner of Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services. 

"My approach is about taking care of business with integrity, because that's how I would want people to treat me on the flip side," she adds. 

Veronica says the cleaning company is an especially good fit for parents who are really pressed for time and who would rather spend quality periods with their families at night and on weekends, rather than investing that entire off-time into cleaning. She says parents with younger children spend a good deal of their time driving them to their functions and really look forward to returning to a clean home at which the dusting, floors and bathrooms have been taken care of.

"As a family-owned business, our clients tell us they really appreciate the consistency we offer by having the same cleaning teams and coming at regular, dependable times," says Veronica, who reminds that establishing and sharing trust in this line of work makes a big difference. 

When determining how to best tackle a new cleaning project, she suggests it's important to first discuss and establish the goal and any concerns clients have. For example, she says if someone needs to make room so a parent can move in, she first would like to organize the space where the extra items to move will end up, such as a basement or garage.

"Otherwise, you just end up piling things on top of other things," she says.

Sparkle & Shine Cleaning crews also can be hired to organize paper documents or seasonal decorations. They promise to label it all, too.

For those seeking a helpful Mother's Day present for this May, Veronica says they can provide gift certificates. Consider cleaning gifts as actually gifts of time to moms, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and friends!

When the mission is to clean out a closet, room or specific space, Sparkle & Shine Cleaning manager Alicia recommends allowing the cleaning crew to help make at least three different piles: one for items to discard, one for materials to sell, and one for objects to donate to charities. 

Having someone who is not sentimentally attached to personal items can be helpful for these sort of tasks.

Oftentimes, this cleaning crew will ask clients to buy totes or get containers or baskets so they can do the initial sorting of items. Clients are given the "homework" of going through the resulting piles, totes or containers before the crew returns in a week or two. 

Cleaning staffers then can assist with final sorting and will even take the donated items to Goodwill Industries International when they leave, unless clients want to handle that themselves to gather tax-related receipts.

For inquiries about Sparkle & Shine services, email vkshor@hotmail.com or call 636.288.3012.

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