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St. Mary's School

Support a Saint Program

Joyce Donohue is the eldest of seven siblings who attended St. Mary’s Parish School. In honor of their parents, Anna and Richard Morrissey, they created the Anna and Richard Morrissey Tuition Assistance Award in 2017 at St. Mary's. Two of the Anna and Richard Morrissey beneficiaries will graduate this year: Joe Lucardi and Jack Lamirande. The family of Paighton Ramos, a junior, has received the assistance for the past two years.  

Joyce, a health scientist for the EPA Office of Water in Washington, D.C., was recently in town with her sister Anne. They stopped by the school to visit with their scholarship recipients and to offer them some advice.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions while you are in college," she says. "And, more importantly, pick something you truly enjoy when thinking about your future career."

"St. Mary’s provided my siblings and I with the academic foundation to thrive and be successful,” she says, reflecting on her own education experience.  

The Support-a-Saint program is a new initiative at St. Mary’s School. In short, any individual, group of individuals, alumni class, or business has the opportunity to donate and support Saint Mary’s grades K-12. Joyce Donohue felt so moved to support our Saints that she joined with a group of her classmates to also create an assistance scholarship called the "7 from 57" award.

If you are interested in “Support-a-Saint," please contact Robin at or call 413.568.1160. More than $106,525 was awarded this past year, and the hope is to continue to increase this amount. Thank you is not enough to Joyce, her siblings and the Class of 1957 classmates. Thank you for blessing our students and, most importantly, for supporting not just a Saint, but all the Saints!