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Pain-Free, 'Perfect' Posture is Possible if you put the Basics First

Back and neck pain may be what leads you to Basics First Chiropractic, but it’s the freedom from stress and wellness guidance that keeps you coming back. As Dr. Susmita ("Misty") Paul, says, “ultimately, we’re trying to diminish the effects of degeneration – we’re working on anti-aging here.”

We haven’t found anyone who can turn back the clock on that process entirely, but the effects of stress and poor posture can age you more rapidly than you might imagine. If stress tenses your neck and jaw, reduced blood-flow to your brain can cause headaches and many other kinds of pain that, over time, become much harder to correct. Hunched shoulders – crafted from curling yourself around a keyboard for hours on end – prevent you from breathing deeply and supplying the oxygen your brain needs to think and your muscles need to relax. “Taking that good, deep breath each time we inhale is vital to wellness, so ultimately, most of my patients are working on their posture while we’re working to eliminate their pain,” Misty says.

Basics First assesses every patient for not only their medical complaints, but with a posture and orthopedic examination. “We look at you from the top down and the bottom up,” Misty explains. Pain tells you what’s out of alignment as well as which muscles may be overstressed. Chiropractic adjustment – aligning your joints – helps, but in concert with helping tight muscles that are pulling on those joints to relax. “If muscles won’t permit good alignment, then we provide therapy such as electric muscle stimulation or ultrasound. Then, once people feel better, they want to know how to stay healthy, which is where good nutrition and supplementation if necessary comes into play.” 


With everything properly aligned, you’ll feel taller and appear more confident. Visit Basics First Chiropractic at 1509 Dodona Terrace, Suite 100 in Leesburg, or call 703-777-2532.

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