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Gary Finnan has created a space in Aiken for individuals and businesses to thrive. In the changing landscape of Aiken, his objective is to Blur the lines between work and play by creating an environment that fosters a community of diverse entrepreneurs, remote workers, podcast hosts, startup founders, nonprofits, photographers, and media creators as well as simply being a place where social events and pop up’s can happen. It is a Social Roost where curated experiences and creative expression can live hand in hand.

Gary has history as a creative expression advisor for luxury hospitality, destination winery, banking, and retail ventures that has allowed him to develop spaces and brands for people and businesses. "As we emerge from Covid, I wanted to create a place where people could connect and get together socially and professionally in Aiken." Urban + Rural is a Modern American Village in principle. It’s simultaneously a beacon for Urban Social Influencers + Rural Farm to Feast Epicures, a local Backyard haunt, and a progressive showcase as Aiken's hub for people to build emerging businesses and personal brand platforms. You can build content On-Line, have an office On-Site, share your message On-Stage, and promote your creativity On-Topic in an upbeat and dynamic environment. We are excited in the near future to host our guests through a program of personalized tastings, epicurean educational experiences, events and more in and environment where contemporary design elements take on an Urban + Rural style both in architectural scale and intimate comfort.

Gary has a passion for helping entrepreneurs and creatives grow, and he is excited to be a part of this growth in Aiken. "Like so many others my family came to Aiken for a weekend and left with a farm...Sometimes the adventure takes you there.” Come along and find your own creative adventure and see where it takes you! 

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