Stay Fresh. Think Healthy. Eat Frutta.

Frutta Bowls Offers Customers Fresh Smoothies, Bowls Packed with the Nutrients Other Chains Fail to Provide

The days of Popeye and his spinach are over; the new superfoods have come to town. A new health food chain, Frutta Bowls, has come to Mason with a commitment to providing healthy, delicious food. Consumers have the option to modify anything on the menu. Choose the bowl or smoothie base: açai, pitaya (aka dragonfruit) or kale. Frutta Bowls offers both whey and plant protein, and vanilla bean and chocolate protein powder flavors. Additional toppings are naturally grown and flash-frozen for freshness (if they have to be transported). Change up fruit toppings and twists from menu items, or build your own bowl or smoothie from scratch. Guests can grab-and-go, or the contemporary and relaxing vibe allows you to eat at one of the high-top tables or couches (charging outlets are available). All the menu options are tasty, so we inquired which ones work best for specific reasons with Sandy Trebour, co-owner of the new Mason location.

Pre-Workout: Muscle Up Bowl
“Protein, açai base and bananas and peanut butter on top of granola are the flavors of choice. Açai has so many vitamins—A, B, E and K—that it’s really a great pre-workout choice.”

Morning Energy: Apple Cinnamon Bowl
“You choose the protein, which provides energy to the body. The caramel really adds to the taste and balances what gives the bowl nutrients great for mornings.”

On-the-Go: Detox Smoothie
“Frutta Bowls has experimented a lot with kale and eliminated the sometimes overpowering flavor without adding sugar. Rather, we use foods with a strong taste, like pineapple here for a sweet and delicious finish.”

Indulge like a Dessert: Frutella Bowl
“This is our most popular menu item. It contains peanut butter, Nutella, strawberries, honey, coconut—flavors you often find in desserts. Ours tastes just as great using wholesome ingredients and no added sugar.”

Allergy-Free: Anything on the menu!
“We can adapt any of our bowls for any allergy. [All locations] have a special station where allergen-free orders are prepared. There is a substitute for anything you need, whether it’s allergies, protein, vitamins or taste.”

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