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Staycation This Summer

Being at home to celebrate can be its own adventure

There is nothing better than a staycation with friends and family in your own backyard, offering a unique opportunity to escape from the everyday routine and indulge in relaxation and enjoyment without leaving the comfort of home. Whether rustic or manicured, the landscape plays a role in creating the perfect staycation ambiance. By transforming the backyard into a captivating retreat or fun playground, families and dear friends can experience the wonders of a vacation destination at your doorstep. 

To make the most of the staycation, engaging in a variety of backyard activities adds excitement and keeps everyone entertained.  

One highlight of a backyard staycation can be a delightful picnic celebrating our red, white and blue.  There's so many ways to dress up your picnic, from adding colorful flowers, festive linens or fragrant herbs. It's an ideal setting to relax, savor delectable bites, and enjoy meaningful conversations.

Remember, your backyard isn’t just for summer fun. Our wonderful Georgia climate lets us enjoy our yard long after the hot months have come and gone.  

Families are busier than ever and a staycation in the backyard is a magical escape that combines the spaces and people you enjoy the most. It's easy on the budget and offers the ability to change plans at a moments notice.  Happy Summer!