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Step into Spring Style!

Spring has sprung and we are 2 years out of a pandemic. We have all changed mentally, physically, and emotionally. We have evolved as people and so has our style—some of us don’t go into the office at all and some are on a hybrid schedule. We have gained and lost weight, our lives have changed, and in the midst of these changes with everything going on around us and the world, let’s control what we can, which is how we show up for ourselves in the present.  

Style is a way to self-express before saying a word! It’s a form of self-care, because studies show we dress how we feel about ourselves. Even when you are not feeling your best, dressing like you do can and will improve your mood and confidence, so dress from the outside in or the inside out! Adding a bright colorful top or print or statement accessories releases dopamine, which gives a mood boost that can go a long way in making you look and feel your best!  

Dress how you want to be addressed! We can help with our style app—download the app and include your style stats: height, weight, budget, and pics. A real live stylist can help you with everything from clearing your closet to shopping for new pieces for your wardrobe. Life is the occasion; let’s dress for it! 

Visit to learn more about the upcoming Midsummer Dream event scheduled for June! Download the mobile app!

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