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Step Into the Frequency Bar

Elizabeth and Anthony Ferraiuolo Bring Energy Enhancement System to Aiken

Step into The Frequency Bar Energy Spa, where the ambient glow of the Energy Enhancement System and Solfeggio sound frequencies set the stage for relaxation. Some feel pulsing waves or tingling; others feel a profound peace. In plush chairs, visitors spend two hours, as recommended by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, inventor of the EESystem™. Whether meditating or quietly resting, the light and sound frequencies guide you into deep relaxation and sleep, promoting cellular repair.

Post-session, receive Detox Bath Salts to enhance the detox process initiated upon entering. The complimentary gift complements the unique experiences reported by patrons, ranging from improved sleep to pain relief, increased energy, and mental clarity. While claims like anti-aging effects and disease alleviation abound, individual responses vary. The bath, best enjoyed within 24 hours, aids in drawing out impurities released by the cells during the session.

The journey extends beyond the session; a follow-up call offers continued support. Clients often report unexpected positive shifts, like reduced cravings or deeper spiritual connections. The Frequency Bar Energy Spa provides a space for genuine wellness, an invitation to embark on a transformative self-healing journey. Together, the possibilities for well-being are boundless.

About the Owners - Elizabeth and Anthony 

Elizabeth has been in the holistic healing arts since 2007. As a certified energy healing educator and practitioner, she brings knowledge and experience of multiple holistic health and wellness modalities.

Anthony worked in the Electrical Utility Industry for nearly 30 years. His mentorship, coaching, business education, and over 40 years as an athlete and gym enthusiast bring knowledge and lifestyle encouragement to Aiken