Photographer Stephanie Snow

Local Artist Loves Landscapes And Highlighting The Personalities Of The People She Shoots

For professional photographer Stephanie Snow, life has been a winding road full of adventures. Now settled in Venice—as settled as someone who has traveled to the ends of the earth can ever be—Stephanie has been contributing her incredible photography to Venice Lifestyle regularly over the past year, including this month’s cover, all while shooting weddings, engagements, families, and much more for her photography business.

“I always let my clients know that I am here to tell their stories,” says Stephanie. “I want to make them look and feel beautiful so they will have those memories forever. And it’s really about printing the photos. We all have photos on old computers in our closets that we don’t ever see. I am a huge proponent of making photographs that will hang on our walls and we will see everyday.”

Stephanie began shooting with a Nikon camera her mother bought for her before a trip she took to Micronesia in the late 90’s.

“After that trip, I never put the camera down,” Stephanie says.

Stephanie went on to become an underwater photographer and SCUBA instructor, a profession she pursued for twenty years, and that led her to her husband, Mike, who shares her adventurer’s spirit. The couple even spent a year in Egypt, where Mike was a teacher, eventually landing in Englewood after he retired.

And Stephanie still shoots with a Nikon after all these years.

“I am a firm believer that it’s not a camera that makes a good photographer,” Stephanie says. “What makes a good photographer is the person behind the camera and the knowledge, vision and experience that they bring. I try to bring all of my life experiences into every photo I take, and find my inspiration in the personalities of the people I shoot. When I am able to do that, the photos turn out amazing.” 305.849.3186.

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