Stop Overthinking Your Food

Save Time in the Kitchen with Origin Meals

What do you get when you combine locally sourced ingredients, minimal cook time and delicious chef prepared meals? The answer is Origin Meals, a sustainable prepared meal delivery company that serves the metro areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

“Our company was founded in 2013 by Tyler Carlson and his desire to have on hand paleo meals, which at the time was a really big trend in eating,” Will Joyce, customer experience, says. “We really try to focus on saving people time and energy around eating.”

To become a customer of Origin Meals, it’s as easy as 1… 2….3.

1: Start by setting up an account on and creating a meal profile. There you will enter in your dietary restrictions, and choose how many meals you want per week and for how many people.

2: After you create an account, you can pick the individual meals each week from a rotating menu. Origin Meals will create default choices for you, but you can always personalize it to your liking.

3: Meals are delivered fresh, never frozen to your door. Leave a cooler out for your delivery or Origin Meals will provide one at your first drop-off for a fee.

“We aim to reduce the decision fatigue of what you’re going to have for dinner every night,” Will says. “The cooking is done for you, so you can use your time the way you actually want to use it - and hey no dishes!”

Want to give Origin a try? Use discount code LIFESTYLE30 for 30% off your first order. The spring menu includes chicken harvest bowls, steakhouse dinner and more.

Eat Healthy

Each week the meals are made from scratch using the best ingredients, including 100% grass-fed beef, free range turkey, antibiotic free chicken and wild caught salmon. Origin’s chefs also make all their own sauces, which are free from chemicals and hydrogenated oils. “We put passion into each and every meal,” Will says. “We hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to making meals that aren't just delicious but also serve the needs of our bodies.”

Save on Prep Time

“People don’t realize how much time is spent planning what to cook, going to the store and actually cooking the food,” Will says. “This takes a lot of energy for moms and dads who might just want a break. We can provide that break.” Origin offers a meal option that feeds four to six people, which is perfect for families on the go. As an extra time saver, no one needs to be present for delivery.

Live Sustainably

Sustainability is the key to making an impact that will last, according to Origin. “We use recyclable packaging and due to our preorder system, our kitchen produces 50% less waste than a traditional grocery store,” Will says. “Also, our delivery routes are perfectly optimized to reduce greenhouse gasses.”

Join the Growing Community

“We hear each week thousands of families are spending more time together, saving money and eating better as a result of the meals we provide,” Will says.

Here’s what people are saying.

“I’m loving the service and it’s helping me as I am a caregiver for my wife who has medical issues.” - Shane from Minnetonka.

“We are a busy family of four [and] we enjoy Origins for dinner a few times a week as it keeps our life and nutrition balanced.” - Megan from Minnesota.

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