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Storage Space for All Styles of Homes


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Ah, storage. The thing that can make or break any apartment or home decision. Even the most strict followers of Marie Kondo will find themselves in need of a place to store those things that spark joy. Here is your guide to making your storage seamlessly blend in with your decor so it feels purposeful and like home.

Free-Standing Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you have a free-standing bathroom sink, you'll need to get creative with your storage so you still have a place for all of your towels and cosmetics. These skinny cabinets and over-the-toilet shelves are all great options and fit a variety of bathroom styles and decor.

Rustic Storage Space Ideas

If you have rustic, cottagecore vibes in your home, plastic storage bins aren't going to fit very well. Here are some beautiful, cozy storage options that double as home decor.

How to Style Open Storage Spaces

If you have a lot of items that you love but not a ton of counter space or tables, open shelving is probably a great option for you. This is a fun way to store things while also getting to see them all of the time. You can build shelves and hooks onto any open wall you have and make it as artsy and unique or as geometric and organized as you want it. How to Style Good Looking Open Storage Spaces from Nonagon Style is a perfect guide to help you get started.

Minimalist Home Storage Ideas

For minimalist home designs, storage is more important than anything. You have stuff you like and use, but you don't want it constantly on display because that would change the whole look of your home decor. For clever minimalist storage solutions, check out this article, Your Minimalist Guide to Home Decluttering + Organizing.

How to Maximize Your Home Storage Space

I am always running out of storage space. Even after I clean and get rid of a ton of stuff, I feel like the things I keep somehow expand and still take up the exact amount of space! This article by Elizabeth Larkin at The Spruce calledHow to Create More Storage Space in Your Home has some very helpful tips for maximizing your storage space so you can actually enjoy the benefits of cleaning and getting organized.

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