Paying It Forward/ Street Cat HUB

Looking out for our free roaming kitties

Many neighborhoods in Albuquerque are inundated with colonies of feral cats. Often living short miserable lives, they continually increase in number because of a lack of access to neuter and spay services. Some are house cats that have been abandoned when their owners moved on and have to learn to survive on their own. Others are "community cats" that live in an area where a few people feed them and keep them around to reduce vermin. Street Cat HUB is a non-profit organization that addresses the over-population of free roaming cats in the city.

Street Cat HUB was founded in August 2014 with a mission to serve the City of Albuquerque and surrounding areas with spay and neuter services of free roaming feral and community cats.

Fast forward to 2023, and Street Cat HUB serves the City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, and Town of Bernalillo with spay/neuter and return of free roaming cats.

The main focus of Street Cat HUB remains feral cat and colony population control using humane alternatives to euthanasia through TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return).

The Street Cat HUB process is to humanely and safely trap community and feral cats and bring them to their clinic in Albuquerque. There, each cat receives not only sterilization, but also a wellness check by a licensed veterinarian, a Rabies vaccine, and a FVRCP vaccine. The cat is monitored until it is deemed healthy and safe to return back to its home community where it will live a much happier, healthier, and safer life without males fighting for mating territory, and females no longer enduring litter after litter.

Street Cat HUB provides services for between 3,000-4,000 cats annually, and the TNR program has resulted in a reduction in cat euthanasia numbers in our city shelter. Moreover, Street Cat HUB diverts approximately 20% of trapped cats to adoption outcomes through strategic transfers to partner shelters and rescues such as PACA, Animal Humane, and Catopia Cat Cafe.

With Cathryn Starr as the new Executive Director, an amazing Board of Directors, and a strong staff and volunteers, Street Cat HUB is excited for the future and the communities served. 

Their website is

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