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Phoenix Health & Fitness Has Created a Wellness Community in Medina

After opening their doors in late 2021, the owners of Phoenix Health & Fitness, Kalie and Scott Bella, have great reason to be proud of their accomplishments in 2022. Phoenix has already become one of the premier personal health and training facilities in the area. Despite the size of their 100% private personal training studio, Phoenix has managed to build a community within ours here in Medina. 

Kalie says, “The family atmosphere that we have here is just awesome! We have a group of people who have built relationships in and out of the studio and they support each other in their health and fitness goals.” 

The connection that members have with each other, their trainers and even themselves is what fuels the fire within for many members. Kalie says: “The most rewarding part of our job is to help people find that love for working out in a way that suits their body and the movements that work best for them. Finding that confidence and mind-to-muscle connection in our clients is so great to see.

Being a member at Phoenix is not like being a member of a typical gym. Initially, Phoenix offers a free consultation to discuss your strengths and limitations when it comes to your workout preferences and dietary concerns. The trainers then work with you to make a customized workout and nutritional plan to help you achieve your goals in a safe and manageable way. After a plan has been put into place, members can schedule 45-minute, personalized training sessions throughout the week. 

The studio also offers yoga sessions and nutritional consultations as part of your membership. It’s important to note that the yoga sessions are not group workouts, but are one-on-one with a certified yoga professional and are completely private as well. 

For a lot of people, this is the time of year for evaluating their health and making new goals concerning their fitness and dietary regimen. An essential part of that process is identifying where that will take place. Do you have the equipment and support you need at home? Or do you need to find a place that can help you reach those goals? Phoenix member Dottie Clink has high praise for Phoenix and has found her home for health and fitness. She says, “After my cancer treatments, I was very weak and looking for a place that would help me get my strength back. I sure found that with Phoenix! They are real people with big hearts. I can pick up my grandkids now. I feel like a new person. I never understood strength training until I connected with Phoenix.”

For more information about Phoenix Health & Fitness, or to set up your free consultation, call 330-952-1728 or visit phoenixmedina.com today! 

Kalie Bella

As the owner of Phoenix, Kalie has made it her mission to help educate clients on a healthier lifestyle. Her hope is that she can help clients mentally, physically, and emotionally through the process.

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