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Stretch Zone

Bringing Back Vitality through Flexibility

Stretching has really evolved over the years. Many of us remember the one, two, three touches between the legs in PE class or grabbing our toes while a searing pain shot up the back of our hamstrings. Most people consider it a job well done to perform a quick quad stretch and arm reach after a workout. The truth is our bodies require more. Stretching is crucial to overall health, vitality and performance. It helps those adults who are seeking to rise in the morning feeling younger with decreased pain and stiffness, working to enhance athletic performance and looking to improve injuries. 

New to Aiken is Stretch Zone, owned by couple Nora Dahlman and Jeff Cleary. Stretch Zone offers practitioner-assisted stretching using patented equipment and personalized stretch protocols to bring the real value of stretching to everyone!  Nora, an avid horse rider and competitor, found that she was struggling with her performance because of pain and stiffness from an old injury. She stumbled upon a Stretch Zone down in Florida, went in for a demo, and the rest is history. The benefits were incredible and Nora saw what a wonderful advantage it would be to the very active Aiken community! 

Practitioners at Stretch Zone receive hours of hands-on training and continuing education in order to provide clients with customized, informed and safe stretching sessions. Stretch Zone is the only assisted practitioner stretching company whose practitioners must test out of a nationally certified training program to become employed at any Stretch Zone studio!  

Stretch Zone invites interested individuals to the studio to enjoy a complimentary demo stretch beginning with a discussion about the individual’s specific body concern and any injuries and goals, along with a flexibility assessment.   Client goals can be as broad as decreasing stiffness and pain from work or daily living requirements to more focused goals like improving that golf game or doing the splits!  Stretch Zone practitioners are trained and tested on a 70-page stretch manual which they use to make personalized protocols that meet the varying needs and aspirations of every member. 

Yoga, pilates, instructor-led exercise classes and stretching at home are all great ways to increase flexibility and improve movement of the body.  Nora and Jeff are advocates for all of these and participate themselves.  What Stretch Zone offers is completely different.  Stretching without an assistant and without the patented, stabilizing belting system used by Stretch Zone requires use of muscles for the bending, leaning, and raising. Through assisted stretching, which occurs in a totally relaxed state, clients receive controlled, engaging stretches for optimal, immediate benefits, lasting results and support of overall wellness. 

Since opening this past January, Nora and Jeff and the Stretch Zone staff are really loving getting to know their new clients and the Aiken community. Their business is growing fast!  They make a point to be out at local events like golf tournaments, pickleball courts and health fairs to educate the public about Stretch Zone services and its benefits. When talking about owning this new business, Nora stated, “The thing I’m enjoying most is how much we’re actually helping people.” It’s clear they have a passion for assisting clients in improving their quality of life, mobility and overall state of mind. 

They are located at 1404 Whiskey Road next to Fresh Market, so stop by to sign up for a demo and begin the journey towards bringing back your vitality!

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