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Strike Up the Band

Let's Celebrate Together

Article by Courtney Reed

Photography by Edina Historical Society and Edina Community Foundation

Originally published in Edina Lifestyle

The Edina community is deeply rooted in history and tradition, and one of the city's time honored events is the annual Edina 4th of July Parade. For over 100 years, the city has looked forward to gathering along the route to cheer on participants who make the parade memorable. Residents reserve their spots days in advance, marking their perches with chairs and blankets in preparation for the fun and memorable gathering.

Since their team is in charge of the whole kit and caboodle, Edina Lifestyle asked some questions of Dick Crockett and Patty Dronen of the Edina Community Foundation in order to learn what to expect this year.

When does your team start planning for the parade and how long does it take to put all the pieces together? 

Typically, the team will start planning in January. We have meetings every couple of weeks where we come together to tick through our list of duties for the parade. We'll be planning up until right before the parade, but at this point, things are coming together nicely. The great thing about this parade is that year to year the same people tend to be on and stay on the planning committee. Probably the most valuable person (in my opinion) on the team is Mary Brindle. She coordinates all of the parade entrants and entertainment, along with about 100 other duties.

How many estimated attendees are there at the parade each year?

Though no one has every truly counted, we estimate that 20,000 people attend the parade each year. With cable access there are people who attend the parade that way, and two years ago we did a Facebook live feed that people could watch.

How many are estimated to participate in the parade?

There are well over a 1,000 people that participate in the parade. The biggest groups tend to be the marching bands and local sports organizations.

What is the 2022 theme and who are the Grand Marshals?

This year's theme is Edina United, Celebrating our Past, Present and Future. We are hoping to "enlist" a military veteran to spotlight the past, Dr. Stacey Stanley, EPS School Superintendent, and a number of students to spotlight the present, and for the future we are hoping that some of our Connecting with Kids Leadership Award winners will march with us. In March, we honored 11 high school students who are volunteering their time and talents in the community. The parade will give us an opportunity for a broader audience to meet those kids and get an idea of what they've done.

What entertainment is planned for this year?

There will be fireworks on the evening of July 3rd. They take place in Rosland Park at dusk.

One of the most entertaining aspects of planning and talking about the parade is the kids who use chalk to draw circles in the street towards the end of the parade route. They do that so they can see if a marching horse takes a potty break in their circle. This year we will be providing chalk and instructions for the kids. People who sit at the start of the parade route probably don't even know is a thing.

Can you share a bit about the Veteran's Dinner?

Every year, there is a Veteran’s Dinner prior to the parade in order to honor those who have served organized by the Edina Parade Team. This dinner is to thank area veterans for their service to our country. The annual event includes music, speeches, and dinner for veterans and their families. The Independence Day Brass Band plays each branch’s anthem as each group of veterans is celebrated. Parade organizers share parade day details with veterans marching in the parade the next morning.

What is the starting point for this year's parade and the route?

On July 4th, the parade lines up along Willson Road and the parade kicks off at the corner Willson and Eden Avenue on the back side of City Hall. Starting at 10am, it runs along that road and turns onto 50th Street and concludes just before Halifax Avenue at 11:30am.

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