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Dr. Vicki Hemmett, DC

ChiroQueen revolutionizes how we view, diagnose, and treat female pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD). From bladder leakage to pelvic pain, and more, ChiroQueen identifies the root cause of musculoskeletal PFD and safely, effectively, and quickly corrects it without the need for surgery, injections, or medication.

Dr. Vicki Hemmett, DC opened this private, luxe, calming treatment center in May 2022.  She is excited to bring this revolutionary treatment approach to the women of Naples after successfully serving the women of Vermont for 20-plus years.

Over 50% of women who are 50+ experience PFD. Symptoms can include but are not limited to high urinary urge, frequency, urinary incontinence, pain with intercourse, tailbone pain, low back pain and hip pain.  Symptoms are often an annoyance that slowly progresses to becoming a significant barrier to quality of life.  Many women with PFD avoid social events, plan restroom location and timing during an outing, and avoid or simply tolerate painful intercourse.  This is unacceptable!

Dr. Vicki is a chiropractic physician and expert in musculoskeletal palpation, diagnosis, and treatment.  Since this approach is so conservative, there are no risks or side effects, no downtime from surgery or injections, and symptoms are permanently resolved as lifestyle modifications, exercises and rehab are incorporated into the plan.

Dr. Vicki is thrilled to live in paradise and offer permanent evidence-based solutions to pelvic floor dysfunction.  

Vibrance Health: Darren FX Clair MD

The ravages that Ian left behind will long be remembered. We have all been through a lot, for many people it has been the greatest stress of their life. The question that comes up: What now? It is important now to restore order to our homes and community. In the short term, this may well be the best way for some of us to cope. Putting our homes back in order is certainly important for our physical as well as mental health. but while doing so it is also important to remember that self-care is not selfish. We must not forget our internal environment while working on repairing the external environment. Unless recognized and respected the scars on the inside may linger longer than the scars on the outside. This can be difficult as the damage to our psychological, emotional and physical health may not show up as graphically or as immediately as the damage to our physical town.

Our minds and bodies can and will respond to proper care and will heal if we give them what they need to heal. Try to eat a healthful diet focusing on lots of fruits and vegetables and lean protein, and when possible avoid processed carbs and fast food although for some this may be the only option for now. When under great stress it is always a good idea to take supplements like probiotics, vitamins and minerals. For stress management, it is critical to get regular exercise and get enough sleep. Maintain social ties through whatever means you like but avoid reliving the devastation over and over again on social media. Although an occasional glass of wine or cocktail is a reasonable diversion it is best to avoid too much alcohol as it will interfere with sleep which will compound the next day’s stress. As an alternative consider journaling or seeking professional counseling. I am confident that together we of Naples and all of southwest Florida will rise again, stronger than ever and more prepared than ever for the next hurricane or whatever difficulty comes our way. And we will do it together - “one for all and all for one.”