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"Stronger Women"

Formerly Known as "Stronger than Espresso"

“Empowering survivors, equipping leaders, and transforming trauma through art healing.”

More than just an abuse support group or victims hotline, Stronger Women is a Movement working towards Survivor Empowerment. From small groups, to art healing and leadership training; Stronger is dedicated to not just the remedial process of those impacted by abuse; but to preventing violence and abuse as a whole.

Founded by Dr. Brooke Jones, Stronger Women has been operating as an accredited non-profit organization since 2013. This biblically based organization strives to reach their goals by offering aid through healing programs that are crafted to service women, teens and parents. Their curriculum was written for survivors by survivors and continues to change lives both emotionally and spiritually.

Stronger Women doesn’t stop there! Stronger programs actually train facilitators with tools specifically designed to nurture, heal and raise awareness to these unfortunate issues that can plague those even closest to us.

As impressive as this organization has already been, we as a community can help build an even Stronger environment for those among us through volunteer work, donating and actively participating in events such as the “Stronger Women” Charity Luncheon set for Wednesday, July 29th. This event will be held at the Hope Center, located at ….2001 W. Plano Parkway, Plano, TX 75075. To register for tickets and/or sponsorship;

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