STS Kraftworks' Cutting Boards:

A Cook's Best Friend

The best businesses tend to be born out of passion, and STS Kraftworks is the perfect example. Founded by craftsman Skipper T. Smith, who combined his decades of experience in the culinary and carpentry fields to fashion the perfect cutting board, STS Kraftworks is a family business that takes pride in producing beautifully designed cutting boards of the highest quality.

“With a love of food almost equal to his love of working with wood and fueled by not finding a board out there that satisfied his needs, Skipper became particularly determined to optimize his cutting boards for stand-out quality, purposeful functionality and distinctive visual appeal,” explains.

“After years of honing his designs, a lot of valuable feedback along the way and so many folks asking us where they can buy the boards, we decided to commit to a family business and go all in!”

We asked Skipper and the STS Kraftworks family to share about what makes their cutting boards unique and special.

Q. How did you get started in the business?

A. We started our family-owned woodworks company after founder and craftsman Skipper T Smith spent decades making gifts and commissions for family, friends and close colleagues. Cooking has always been a passion for Skipper. As a young adult, he pursued cooking as a prep cook, pantry chef and line cook in a fine dining restaurant where he learned many techniques on how to prepare, cook and serve food.

Q. What makes STS Kraftworks’ cutting boards unique?

A. Skipper combines technology and precise attention to detail to create wood designs that honor the art of woodworking and that are a joy to use in your home. The cutting boards are created with a balance of form and function to be enjoyed in your home for years to come. We design with purpose and without compromise. Our attention to detail is meant to enhance your cooking, carving and serving experience.

Q. Can you tell us about the design details?

A. Uniquely curved rectangle-shaped boards are made from striking hearty wood species, grain and color combinations. Bentwood laminations are incorporated into the full thickness of our boards with curves design. Board construction and surfacing are optimized to the highest of standards. Maintaining crisp line and edge details is essential to the finishing process. Wood is sealed with food-safe mineral oil that both protects and enriches the natural beauty of the wood.

Q. How does the design of the cutting boards improve function?

A. Proprietary non-marking, non-slip silicone feet keep the board in place, even when countertops are wet. A juice groove design includes an enlarged corner reservoir to collect coveted juice and prevent overflows. Our patent-pending hybrid design boards maximize functionality for all-in-one chopping and cutting, enabling easy juice and food transfer. Feet are inset allowing board belly to hang over counter for smooth transition into a pan, bowl or plate. Most boards are available in three sizes to meet your cutting and serving needs.

Q. What can you tell us about your guarantee?

A. We take great care in creating our boards to the highest of craftmanship standards and we ensure boards leave our shop in mint condition. We also highly value your trust and support of our business. If your board has a design or craftsmanship flaw, we ask that you contact us so we can earn your satisfaction. A craftmanship flaw includes cracks or any defect that would render the board unusable. Natural variations or color of wood is not a defect.

Q. What can you tell us about the wood and materials used?

A. As part of our efforts to support and promote responsible global forestry practices, all of our wood is sourced from suppliers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We use food-grade materials in the construction of our boards, including FDA-certified food-safe mineral oil to seal the boards as well as FDA-certified waterproof food-safe glue.

Q. Where can consumers find your cutting boards?

A. We are primarily an e-commerce business based out of the Greater Los Angeles area. We do not have retail locations at this time, but we may participate in regional craft and food events throughout the year.

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