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Stunning and Unique Homes

Find inspiration in these four new releases.

It takes a lot of work to make a house a home. A home reflects your personal style, functions to meet your goals, and provides relief from the outside world. However, unless you are a design professional, you likely need a bit of guidance to turn your thoughts and ideas into reality. One way to create a sanctuary that combines all the elements of your dream home is by immersing yourself in the advice and visions of award-winning architects and designers.

Flip through the gorgeous, glossy, photo-filled pages of these beautiful books and apply their lessons to your own home.

Learn how to integrate elegant timelessness, celebrate bold colors and eclectic patterns, or embrace the past while living stylishly in the present. You can then combine this global range of influences, unique perspectives, and aesthetic applications to create your own original design plan.

Whether you’re building a new home, planning a renovation, or your home is simply a constant work in progress, these four new releases are sure to provide the inspiration you need to transition your house into your dream home—whatever that may look like and wherever that may be. Enjoy!

Home: The Residential Architecture of D. Stanley Dixon

Atlanta-based architect Stan Dixon has received tremendous media attention since the founding of his firm D. Stanley Dixon Architect, Inc. in 2006. His highly-anticipated debut book showcases thirteen projects from across the country. From a relaxed Jupiter Island coastal retreat to an elegant English-manor-inspired South Carolina home, each project varies geographically and stylistically, highlighting a variety of different aesthetic components.

Our Way Home: Reimagining an American Farmhouse

The defined style of cozy and simple living has led to a rise in American farmhouse design in recent years. Interior designer Heide Hendricks and architect-builder Rafe Churchill show how they have brought twenty-first-century living to their late nineteenth-century New England farmhouse. This husband-and-wife team combined their talents to create a historic home that is both a personal retreat designed for everyday life and a constant source of inspiration for their other projects. 

Villa d'Este: Legend on Lake Como

In 1568 Tolomeo Gallio commissioned a grand villa overlooking Italy’s magnificent Lake Como. After two centuries in the Gallio family, Villa d’Este became home to multiple members of the aristocracy before being transformed into an elegant five-star resort in 1873. After 150 years of catering to an endless array of famous guests wishing to immerse themselves in “la dolce vita,” Vila d’Este stands as an example of blending tradition and modernity to create absolute luxury. 

Palm Beach Style: The Architecture and Advocacy of John and Jane Volk

In the 1920s, American royalty wanted to establish a winter retreat and show off their newfound wealth. Building grand homes inspired by European palaces, they created one of the world’s most famous resort towns. Commissioned to design over 2,000 projects during his sixty years of practice, John Volk’s legacy as one of the “big five” architects of Palm Beach, can now be seen on almost every street. 

Learn how to integrate elegant timelessness, and celebrate bold colors and eclectic patterns...