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Stunning Christmas Tree Design

Step by Step Instructions for Your Best Tree Ever

Article by Josette Kark

Photography by Terry Fravel

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of our homes during the holiday season. Real or artificial is a family debate that we won’t attempt to answer here. Either one can be decorated beautifully. So pick your theme with a central look that will tie all the decorations together. Then, follow these easy directions to make your tree look like it was trimmed by a professional.

STEP 1: Choose a 7 1/2’ to 9’ quality artificial tree with at least 1000 lights. For a classic winter wonderland vibe, try the snow-dusted look of flocked branches.

STEP 2: Add cluster bulb garland tucked between the branches to fill in any empty spaces.

STEP 3: Place large Christmas sprays of your choice on branches around the complete tree.

STEP 4: Add large poinsettias in a color theme of your choice, evenly spaced around the tree.

STEP 5: For accent, tuck large glitter stars inside of branches. (optional)

STEP 6: Hang large-scale bulbs, approximately 6” in diameter, around the tree.

STEP 7: Continue with various shapes of 3” bulbs around the tree.

STEP 8: Tuck glitter branches into the tree, evenly spacing.

STEP 9: For a tree topper, try making your own to match your theme. For example, use a pair of reindeer or decorative masks.

STEP 10: Enhance the topper with glitter fern and branches coming down the tree at least 12”. For the best effect, make this section extremely full.

For holiday décor and more decorating ideas, visit the Josette Kark Design showroom at 5158 Whipple Ave NW in the Belden Village area.