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Local Designers Share 'Tablescapes' that Fit Multiple Styles while Wowing Your Guests

With the holiday season soon upon us and celebrations filling our calendars, many are looking for fun and unique ways to decorate our tables. We’re highlighting three local designers who are presenting different, yet equally stunning approaches to setting a gorgeous table: Michael Siewart of Signature Interiors, Gina Speegle of Gina Speegle Interiors and Regina Edry of Regina Edgry Interior Design and Staging.

10 Professional Designer Tips

"Have fun with it! Put on some music to get you motivated and in the mood!" —Michael

"Don’t be afraid to pull out old pieces and find a way to use them and make it your style." —Gina

"It’s great to have a few things on hand to pull out when needed such as a white tablecloth and linen napkins folded and ready to go." —Regina

"Ask a guest to come early and take part in decorating the table with you." —Michael

"You can never go wrong with adding fresh flowers and candles to the table." —Gina

"Don’t overthink it–it doesn’t have to be perfect. Whenever you put love into it, it will always be everything it should be." —Regina

"Try to use things from around your home—whether it's seasonal or generic—those things can add an interesting element to the table." —Michael

"Find coordinating materials at a local fabric shop to use as napkins and other table linens." —Gina

"Have a cache of beautiful things that you love and have picked up along the way and when that special meal comes, take those things out, put them around and make it enjoyable for those people you love so much." —Regina

"Add a gift for your guests to take with them to remember the occasion." —Michael

Regina Edry, Regina Edry Interior Design and Staging

Minimalist Chic

“We wanted to keep it simple and elegant, something anybody can do,” says Regina Edry of Regina Edry Interior Design and Staging. “We also wanted to do something that was a little nod to the outdoors, so we brought in sprigs of rosemary from the garden. The little pumpkins are perfect for fall and after the meal, children could decorate those if they want, even getting the whole family involved.”

This setting is a great reminder that it’s easy to elevate the every-day look and make it something special. It is also a great option for the more relaxed tradition of Friendsgiving; it keeps it simple while still giving that special touch.

Gina Speegle, Gina Speegle Interiors

Personalized and Elegant

“What I try to do is bring the past to the future,” says Gina Speegle of Gina Speegle Interiors. In this sentimental and personalized place setting, Gina combines family heirloom china with updated pieces and custom-made linens.

“A lot of people inherit china and things and aren’t sure what to do with them,” she says. Gina says not keep those things boxed up, but instead, pull them out and use them.

“Don’t be afraid to pull out old pieces and find a way to use it and make it your taste,” she adds.

Michael SiewartSignature Interiors

Autumn Harvest

“Fall is about the harvest, and so for me, it’s important to bring the outdoors in,” says Michael Siewart of Signature Interiors.

“I achieved that with the wood element, the gourds and the pumpkins. Fall is also about all the great autumnal colors like the oranges, yellows and reds.” The dough bowl, aluminum flatware and mason jar bring farmhouse elements.

“I like the idea of giving guests a gift,” Michael says. So, the unique white pumpkin is carved and filled with soil and a succulent plant for guests to take home.

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