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September is the perfect month to display your fashion

With autumn just around the corner, Regan Amber shows us a few of her favorite fall fashion items. With festivities always happening in Manhattan, these are a few of her favorite styles that could lend to the occasion. 

-A full-length, floral printed dress provided by Ceara Shae Studios that can be worn at several different events. From weddings to after-hour business events, this ever-classy look stays in style all year round. 

-The second is a chic, two-piece dress that has modern details. Appropriate for the spring, summer, or fall, this can be worn to any event. 

-Navy blue is a great color for Regan Amber, and this dress reflects that. This dress can easily be worn to any occasion. It goes great with any style of shoe - wedges, flats, cowgirl boots - and can easily support the wearing of a hat. She chose between three different colors of felt hats, and all would’ve looked great. 

Then, be the classiest gal at Bill Snyder Family Stadium this fall with this lavender rhinestone skirt from Yee Haw Country Outfitters. New to 2022, and now available, it comes equipped with an inner lining and belt, so it stays comfortable throughout the day. The Game Day shirt is also available at Yee Haw, alongside other options to choose from. 

Wardrobe and hair was provided by Ceara Shae Studios. Makeup and nails were done by Maddi Winter. Additional support was provided by Jessica B. The Game Day t-shirt, alongside the lavender rhinestone skirt, were provided by Yee Haw Country Outfitters, 431 Poyntz Ave. Downtown Manhattan.