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Style and Social Media: A Love Story

Our Social Media Influencer Shares Her Thoughts

Article by Lindsay Bernero

Photography by Phillip Barone

Originally published in Wayne Lifestyle

It all started with a simple post on Instagram back in 2015.

I got flooded with comments and DMs about the outfits that I had put together. From that point on, I knew how to spread my love of fashion and styling all over the world. Lindsay’s Lookbook was created.

My page has been reinvented several times now, as content creators must be flexible and willing to learn when social media platforms change. We must adjust to have an impact and become successful. Social media has played an important role in the reinvention process. Simple things like hashtags and fun captions weren’t really a priority back in 2015, however, now they can open the door for content creators.

Today, social media platforms have call to actions: likes, links, making reels, being able to tag and repost companies and their content, engage in other pages by sharing and saving posts. Social media has come a long way since 2015. It’s also gone a long way for small business owners where they can set up shop on their social media platforms and buyers can access their stores via their pages. Lindsay’s Lookbook was influenced by so many people. Friends, family, and bloggers that I looked up to gave me the push that I needed in order to earn income from being a content creator.

Apps such as Like to Know It and Amazon Storefronts have given Influencers ready platforms to contribute to. Becoming brand ambassadors give fashion creators a chance to earn money from their posts, doing what they love while expanding their horizons.

Fashion is always evolving, but so is technology and business practices. Large brands, companies, and small businesses are now reaching out via social media to influencers to promote their products and build exposure. Influencer events have become more popular and now most companies are using social media during those events to enhance the experience for their followers and customers. A few influencers have become so popular that now they are invited to host red carpet events or have even become the face of companies. Typically, this would happen only for movie and television stars. Social media has opened up doors for those who also benefit from a second source of income.

This is why I love social media so much, everything you need is accessible through your fingertips, your freshly painted fingertips.