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Meet Beth Djalali

After staying home for 26 years to raise her brood of three boys, Beth Djalali was exploring what was next. Can a fifty-something with a gap in their resumé re-enter the workforce? Was reinvention a foregone conclusion? Then she noticed twenty-somethings were posting “outfits of the day” on blogs and Instagram. That’s it! "So what if I have gray hair, my figure isn’t as slim as it was, and there are wrinkles splattered across my face? I love fashion too," she says. That’s how Style at a Certain Age was born. Besides style inspiration, SAACA is dedicated to aging with grace, strength, and beauty.

What trends are you excited about this fall, Beth?

Preppy style is back BIG, thanks to the quiet luxury and stealth wealth trends. I've had a prep in my step since a teenager and have always loved to slip into a comfy pair of loafers, a cable knit sweater, and tailored tweeds. It will be so much easier to do just that this fall of 2023. And while oversized blazers and wide-leg pantsuits have reigned supreme the past year or two, I'm thrilled to see tailored suits are on the rise. It's all about power dressing this fall.

Jeans are our best friends and worst enemies! Help!

Jeans are by far the hardest working wardrobe staple in our closet, so it's important that you have well-fitting jeans hanging in your closet. I always recommend taking an afternoon and trying on every silhouette and brand known to mankind. That's the hard part. It's important to bring in three sizes to the dressing room - the size you think you are, one size up, and one size down. Then walk in them and sit down to see how they feel. Once you find a pair or two that you love, buy them in different washes. Dark rinse denim is dressier, whereas light rinse denim has a casual vibe and can visually add pounds. When you get home, measure the inseam and waist and keep that on file. Then when you need to purchase jeans online, you will have a reference point. Don't be afraid to size up one size, especially with white denim. It's always about the fit, not the number on the tag.

Do you have any advice for fashionistas of all ages?

Style has no expiration date, so never, ever think you're too "old" to have fun with fashion. Fashion should be FUN! So keep experimenting with your style, and keep one eye on the trends that help us stay modern, fresh, and relevant instead of stale and stodgy. That means your hair and makeup as well as clothes. A great haircut and a great stylist are worth their weight in gold. Your buzzwords should be "vibrant" and "youthful," not "younger" or "trying too hard."

Style at a Certain Age is a lifestyle blog dedicated to aging with grace, strength, and beauty. While we can't turn back time, we can live a vibrant and healthy life after 50. Beth shares daily style tips, fashion, skincare, makeup, recipes, health and wellness. She loves shopping in Roswell when visiting her son Andrew and future daughter-in-law Chelsea who live here.

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