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A Better Way to Fly

The days of busy terminals and stressful flights are over thanks to a private jet company known as Jet Linx. With the recent opening of its newest terminal location in Minneapolis, Jet Linx is proving that private air travel is a growing business.

Based out of Omaha, Nebraska, Jet Linx, has expanded to 19 locations across the United States since its conception 21-years ago. The family owned company prides itself on safety, security and the “little things.” With each terminal operating at a local level, Jet Linx can accommodate every member’s needs on a personal level including varying membership options.

Jet Linx offers members two ways to experience the luxury of private air travel: the Jet Card and the Enterprise membership.

The Jet Card provides members with guaranteed private jet availability with a 24-hour advance notice and hourly rates. Members also have the luxury of only paying for the hours they fly while being able to earn flight credits. Jet Card members have access to fly anywhere in Jet Linx’s primary service area which includes over 5,000 airports worldwide. Additionally, the Jet Card never expires. When talking about how the Jet Card sets Jet Linx apart from other airlines, Jet Linx Minneapolis Base President Lee McGillivray said, “Our Jet Card membership program is very simple to do. It’s not very expensive, you pay per hour on your mission. We guarantee availability and recovery…So there is that element and I think that is a key differentiator to the other competitors.”

While the Jet Card more so benefits the individual, the Enterprise membership benefits businesses. Members of the Enterprise membership are allowed unlimited users within the company, flexible payment options and guaranteed availability of up-to-four aircrafts per day. The Enterprise Membership also provides businesses a dedicated account manager, spending reports, guaranteed WiFi and fleet upgrades. Businesses that require flexibility are going to want to check out the Enterprise membership.

Whether members fly with the Jet Card or the Enterprise Membership, one thing is guaranteed, Jet Linx will accommodate every member’s needs. When members join Jet Linx, a profile is set up to include favorite drinks, snacks, special events and any other information that will help Jet Linx to provide a luxury flight. According to McGillivray, “Little things make a big difference. I mean if you’re paying attention, you’re there, you’re smiling, and you have the rug out. It’s those little touches that in the big scheme of things make a big difference.” 

With the new Minneapolis terminal officially open, Jet Linx is looking to bring its local feel to what it considers an underserved market. Several communities in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul will benefit greatly from what Jet Linx has to offer. With the ever-changing prices and availability of commercial flights, private jet travel is becoming more common every day, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. McGillvray reiterated Jet Linx’s mission of safety in saying, “If you look at this model, we are extremely safety conscious. We carry the highest safety standards in the industry. So, when we treat all our airplanes with BIOPROTECT, we treat all the bases as well.” 

As the demand for private air travel grows, so does Jet Linx. In fact, Jet Linx is not done growing its presence in Minneapolis. According to McGillivray, Jet Linx is planning a second hanger at Flying Cloud that is expected to be completed in 2021. Additionally, the company is looking to add six more terminals across the United States by 2023, and then look to expanding internationally. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays and even more stress among commercial flights, Jet Linx has bounced back and is ready to embrace the luxury of private air travel again. So, the next time you plan a trip, look to Jet Linx for guaranteed availability, one-way trips and in-person accommodations. You can’t go wrong.