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Styled for Her Future

Amelia’s Closet Helps Women in Need Dress for Success in Today’s Job Market

Imagine walking into a job interview where your skills and enthusiasm were overshadowed by a poor first impression from ill-fitting and out-of-date clothing. This is the case for many women trying to secure gainful employment following incarceration, addiction recovery, domestic violence, or divorce. Without access to proper workplace attire, pursuing a fresh start is even more challenging. That’s where Amelia’s Closet steps in to help. 

Jody Powers founded Amelia’s Closet in 2015 after recognizing this unfulfilled need in the community. Demand was so great, they outgrew the mobile closet immediately. Now operating from their boutique, a personal shopper helps women choose two interview outfits complete with shoes, handbags, and accessories. The service also includes a full makeover from Georgia Career Institute. Once clients have a job, Amelia’s Closet offers a second fitting to provide a week’s worth of mix-n-match apparel. 

Powers says it’s incredible to watch the transformation during an appointment. These underprivileged women leave with a smile and better posture, like a weight has been lifted. The name Amelia means “hope” and that’s exactly what this organization strives to provide. One recipient shared, “You and the ladies made me feel so special and beautiful during a time in my life when I feel so beat down.” 

The impact of Amelia’s Closet is largely due to volunteers and donors who provide a beautiful space for women to feel love and support as they embrace the next chapter of their lives. Tickets are also on sale now for Project ReStyle, a benefit fashion show and competition. Learn more at

  • Jody Powers, founder