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Leather Satchel

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Stylish Must-Haves

Timeless Picks For Students, Busy Professionals Or On-The-Go Mom

As fall schedules pick up, keeping key stylish fashion pieces handy is a huge time saver. With a beloved piece of clothing, a new outfit can come to life that much quicker.

Whether returning to a more regular cadence in the office, at school or starting a new endeavor, investing in a few legacy pieces creates a solid baseline from which to build a closet wardrobe. These timeless fashion staples are worn over and over again, and anchor other changing aspects of outfits, whether you add a pop of color or pair them with a seasonal, trendy print. You’ll wear these items season after season -- they’re the items you’re so excited to reunite with after a summer spent in lighter, brighter items.

1. An everyday watch:  Ditch the need to look at a cellphone during a meeting and opt for a classic, everyday style that easily dresses up or down. This is a piece worth splurging on.

2. A leather satchel:  Go for quality and use a sturdy leather carryall to bring all of today’s necessities on-the-go. Opt for a neutral color, such as black, brown or navy, so it pairs well with any outfit.

3. Chelsea style boots:  This wardrobe staple offers endless outfit pairings. Perfect with leggings or jeans, this style comes in many personalities depending on the brand. A bonus is that they are comfortable for a long day on your feet, or when traveling.

4. A versatile wrap:  A large, neutral-colored scarf or wrap is easy to take mobile and comes in handy when the Midwest seasons swing back and forth. Stow it in your leather carryall on a hot day, but keep it handy when the sun goes down.

5. Black jeans:  Easy to dress up or down, a pair of black jeans that fit like a glove are necessary. Pair them with a trendy moto jacket or a denim shirt for an ageless and versatile look.

6. Denim jacket:  Denim is always in style. When the seasons are changing, this piece can layer with any outfit and works with skirts or colored jeans. If you aren’t sure whether to pack your fall coat, opt for this and plan to layer on your wrap in a pinch.

  • Chelsea Boot
  • Leather Satchel
  • Denim Jacket
  • Golden Rose Hand Watch
  • Soft Black Jeans
  • Stylish Versatile Wrap