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Stylish Pantry Makeover

Tips and ideas to create the perfect pantry space

Bathrooms frequently get the special treatment with new flooring and lighting updates, while bedrooms get extra love with a décor or paint change when styles get outdated, or the mood strikes us. But what about the pantry, arguably the space in your house that gets the most traffic? Where are the new shelves, added counter space, and organized bins that make our lives easier and style it up a notch? Step aside bathrooms and bedrooms, it’s the pantry’s time to shine. Christine Niven from Excel Builders, along with sister company Artisan Cabinet Company, gives us a glimpse into the hot new trend of showpiece pantries and why they can be practical and fashionable at the same time.

Inspire and create

“I get to know the client and the home,” Christine shares. She then gets to work on researching. Pinterest and designers on Instagram are helpful resources but it all comes together when she uses her own experience to create a truly unique space for her clients. “I have my clients rate the importance of features, style, function, working space, etc., to get a better idea of what’s truly important to them.” From there they get to work figuring out how to utilize the space creatively and start on down the list.

Make it fancy

Glass front doors bring your pantry to the next level and give it a lot of visual interest. Here’s where it gets fun. Beautify the space with boldly labeled jars, decorative frames, wicker baskets, cookbooks, and mesh front produce drawers (good for airflow too!). Going with a chevron butcher block instead of a traditional one and unexpected paint colors are all ways to make this space an Instagrammer’s dream, while custom cabinetry will give it charming timelessness.

You put what in your pantry?

Christine has found room to hide double ovens in a pantry remodel and if you don’t want to decorate your kitchen with that humongous, food-caked high chair, she can hide that too. “Some of my younger clients are really excited about adding a coffee bar and prepping area or simply to just have a spot to make a mess and close the door.” Hang the family calendar, and a couple of labeled mail bins, and don’t forget a charging station so maybe, just maybe, your kids will know where theirs is at the end of the day.

Small spaces

In her home, Christine has a small pantry with five shelves. “It’s small but it has it all; labeled bins, pretty baskets, a lazy susan. It’s all coordinated and easy to find,” proving that you can build your dream pantry, big or small. 


Spark joy

Use shelving to display your kids' school work, art or to play with your decorating scheme. Add in clear storage containers and fill them with vibrant cookies, candy, and other treats. 

Whether you want a tiny refresh or a complete overhaul, there are ideas galore to create the pantry of your dreams!