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SUAVS is Going Green this Year

The most versatile, comfortable and stylish shoe with 100% recycled knit.

 It’s official: the perfect shoe for you to explore the world in, is doing good for it too. 

The sneakers, which are lightweight and able to be packed flat, makes SUAVS the ideal go-to travel shoe for men and women. Its breathable and sweat-wicking material allows you to do anything and go anywhere. Whether you are hiking mountains, walking city streets or just running errands around town, this sustainable shoe is perfect for you. 

“Our customer feedback on comfort and style is so positive, we thought what more can we do to hold ourselves accountable in working our way towards decreasing our carbon footprint and becoming a more conscious brand?,” said Monxi Garza, CEO of SUAVS. 

Each pair of SUAVS will be made with an average of 8 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and 100% vegan materials by the end of the year. The Legacy high tops are the first of its kind to roll out, but all new launches and current SUAVS styles will be made with sustainable materials in 2020. 

Garza said the Legacy sneaker looks like a boot, fits like a sneaker and feels like a sock. Its new wider toe box and stitched sole allow for greater comfort and durability, especially in varying terrains and weather conditions. 

The brand will continue to expand its sustainable practices by donating all unsold SUAVS shoes to organizations, including Soles4Souls and LifeWorks, reducing material wastes throughout the manufacturing process and by creating dual purpose shoe boxes. 

“It’s a matter of accountability. Making changes for sustainability has to happen now,” Garza said. 

The shoes’ modern style reflects the modern and conscious consumer. As a customer-first brand, SUAVS’ customers dictate what it creates.  

“Consumers around the world are becoming more conscious about their choices with good reason,” Garza said. “As a consumer, I became more conscious about the products I consume and purchase, and thought our brand should reflect this shift.” 

Even with SUAVS’ sustainable mission, style is not sacrificed. The SUAVS team has been sourcing eco-friendly materials for years. “Once we found a knit that was just as durable, comfortable and fashionable, we made the switch,” Garza said. 

The ultra-versatile shoe remains ultra-versatile. Garza promises you can do at least three daily activities in SUAVS shoes. They are easy and transitional shoes that you can wear from day to night without worrying about any fashion faux pas. Style SUAVS casually with shorts and a t-shirt or dress them up with a sleek pair of chinos or little black dress.  

“So, if you’re looking for your simple everyday shoe, we got you,” Garza said.