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Sue’s Chic Interiors – Creativity Starts Here

Furniture + Design + Organization = Chic Interiors

Need help with the design of your new home or looking to freshen up the appearance of your existing one, then look no further than local design expert Sue Yaghi. Sue’s Chic Interiors is dedicated to helping bring visions to life. 

Sue's Chic Interiors opened its doors in historic downtown McKinney on October 5, 2021, offering chic and elegant home decor to North Texas families and businesses. Sue’s Chic Interiors is a concept-led, full-service business, working with clients from design development until full execution.

"Our wide selection of services means that Sue's Chic Interiors is the one-stop shop for all design needs," says Yaghi. “From the initial phone call to final design, we will work closely with clients to deliver beautiful and practical designs.”

Yaghi has been an interior designer for 21 years. Her educational experience started at LSU and then continued to the Art Institute in Minneapolis, where she received her bachelor's degree. She has worked for small and large companies doing both commercial and residential projects. Yaghi’s biggest and proudest work was a 250,000 SF commercial project. She started Sue's Chic Interiors last fall when her husband retired, and it was time for her to bring to life a dream.

“Despite being new, I've built this business over 20 years and my track record speaks for itself,” says Yaghi. “My hope is that Sue's Chic Interiors will become the go-to brand for chic design and interiors.”

In addition to offering design services and sourcing furniture, Sue’s Chic Interiors is one of the few businesses in the United States that combines Interior Design and Professional KonMari organizing services. There are 700 certified KonMari consultants in the entire world, but Sue's Chic Interiors is the only place in Texas to also offer interior design services.

Yaghi says what makes her clients special is the fact they seek elegance and personalized service. Sue’s Chic Interiors is not a cluttered furniture business and all the pieces in the showroom are curated specifically for clients.

“Everything we curate has to be elegant yet still functional and comfortable. Similarly, our design and organizing services are done with a high level of passion and commitment to our client's satisfaction,” says Yaghi.

McKinney was an easy choice for the shop’s location. Yaghi believes the tagline "Unique By Nature" is truly reflective of McKinney as a place that is vibrant and unique with its people and history. Historic Downtown McKinney is an ideal location because something is going on every day, and it is truly a great place for businesses to be.

Sue’s Chic Interior is located at 218 E. Louisiana Street. For more information stop by the shop or visit

  • Owner Sue Yaghi
  • Miyagae Vale and Sue Yaghi