Summer Adventures at the Library

Activities, Prizes + Fun for Kids and Teens

Do you have kids? June is that magical month, when they’ve turned in their textbooks and are excited for all that lies ahead. By July, though, summer begins to lose its luster. They miss their friends. They’re tired of the routine.

They need some adventure.

It’s time to visit the library. Wait… what? How’s a parent to sell that idea?

Competition. Fun. Prizes. (And, psssttt… it’s reading, but it’s so much more!)

How does it work?

Sign up for the Pikes Peak Library District’s annual Summer Adventure presented by Children’s Hospital Colorado program (link below). Children up to 18 years old complete an activity (read, imagine or move) any day through August 14 to earn points. Receive a prize for participating and another for doing 45 days of activities. Complete the game and be entered into the grand prize drawing.

What are the activities?

Everything from listening to a favorite author read a book online to building a fort qualifies. Other options? Painting a rock. Playing tennis with balloons. Walking the dog. Cleaning your room.

Check out the links below for amazing activity lists for kids and teens.

What about the prizes?

Each age group gets a different registration prize. All kids get to choose a book or journal for completing 45 days’ worth of activities. And the grand prize drawings? Kids up to 12 years old will be eligible to win a gift certificate to KiwiCo. And the 13-18 crowd: a Chromebook. There will be multiple winners throughout the district!

PPLD Website: https://ppld.org
Sign Up: https://ppld.beanstack.org/reader365
Kids Summer Activities: https://ppld.org/summerkids

Teen Summer Activities: https://ppld.org/summerteens

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