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Summer Beach Bag Essentials

Fill your beach bag with products you can find locally

Whether you're heading to the beach this month for a day or a week, or for a relaxing pool day, packing a beach bag is a must. Darien Lifestyle has you covered so you don't forget any items this summer for all of your travels. We have rounded up our top picks and have included a family edition as well to keep everyone prepared for any beach situation. We also have some of our top picks that you can buy from local stores right here in Fairfield County! 

Beach Bag Essentials: The Family Edition

1. Containers for all the snacks! Playing in the water and sand can build up an appetite. 

2. Sunscreen (pack a lot of it!) We love Dr. Dolder's offerings at Greenwich Point Dermatology 

3. Sunglasses 

4. Insulated water bottles to keep drinks nice and cold throughout the whole day. Check out Darien Sport Shop for the most durable selection. 

5. A beach hat offering you the best protection from the strong UV rays. 

6. A pop up tent to provide more shade for the kids that might not love the sun or water as much.

7. A comfortable beach chair 

8. A lot of beach towels and a big sheet to enjoy the sunshine in!

9. A sturdy cooler bag to keep drinks and food cool from the sun.

10. Beach umbrella 

11. A good book you can find at Barrett Bookstore in town!

12. Waterproof speaker to enjoy your favorite tunes. Be sure to check that the beach you are going to allows music to be played first!

13. Wet bag to hold all of your wet bathing suits in and avoid the uncomfortable feeling on the ride home by changing into a change of clothes. 

14. Baby powder - it helps dust off the sand off your feet when you are leaving the beach!

15. Cup holders 

16. Portable chargers

17. Waterproof playing cards for some beachside entertainment