Summer Explorations

You can explore the abundant natural resources and stunning beauty of Florida within just a short drive from Gainesville. 

We’re all itching to get away for a vacation. For some, it’s impractical or unfeasible, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. Sometimes a day trip is all you need. 


This is a different kind of zoom, as you fly through the treetops over forests and canyons and discover the hidden world below you. The Canyons Zipline is just an hour from Gainesville and offers a breathless trip through the pristine canopy, plus horseback rides and a relaxing wine bar to unwind at the end of your trip: www.zipthecanyons.com 


An immersive tour of Silver Springs and its abundant, stunning wildlife. From manatees to monkeys, avian wildlife and the natural inlet ecosystems, you’ll come home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated:  www.kayakingsilversprings.com

Botanical Gardens

The Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is an oasis of serene beauty and dedicated conservation, with Florida’s largest display of bamboo and the biggest herb garden in the Southeast. Gazebos and benches are there for visitors to set out a picnic, and leashed dogs are permitted to join you for a day out. www.kanapaha.org

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