A Healthy Body Helps us Make those Sunny Season Memories

After an unexpectedly stressful spring, we’re gazing towards summer with high hopes for fun adventures and special treats! As we prepare, let’s take a closer look at what we can do to keep our body as healthy as possible to get maximum enjoyment from our summer fun.

Shanta Johnson of the Essential Cleansing Center encourages us to maintain a healthy lifestyle year-round. She says, “For summer, we should do the same thing we do all year: watch what we eat, exercise, drink enough good, clean water, and detox our body.”

Why detox your body? Shanta explains, “When you do colon hydrotherapy, you’re doing a whole-body detox because the colon is connected to the whole body through the blood stream and cells. If the colon is not being cleansed, it becomes this toxic waste dump that’s slowly poisoning your system.”

Shanta adds, “You really want to do colon hydrotherapy to maintain health. It boosts the immune system and takes pressure off of your filters - the liver and kidneys.”

Maintaining a healthy body also includes taking care of our nerve system. Chiropractor Dr. Beth Flack says, “We only get one nerve system – there is no replacement for your spine. That nerve system takes care of everything in your body. If we’re not taking care of that, we’re setting ourselves up for a future failure.”  

During the summertime, ear infections are common. “With ear infections, there is a little muscle inside your ear that controls how the ear drains,” explains Dr. Beth. “The muscle is innervated by a nerve that comes from your neck. If your neck is not in a happy place, then that muscle might not be responding well, leading to an ear infection.”

Dr. Beth adds, “In the summertime, we’re doing things like jumping off of diving boards, swimming, doing slip-n-slides, and riding bikes. Small impacts happen, like a kid hitting their bottom on the slip-n-slide in a weird way or landing in the water at an odd angle. All those are little injuries that can show up later - possibly during the school year - as not being able to pay attention at school or as ADD symptoms.”

“If you have a subluxation (misalignment) of a bone, then it’s like having your cell phone in a spotty service area,” explains Dr. Beth. “There’s a problem with the communication. The brain can’t communicate to the nerve system, the nerve system can’t communicate to the organ. As a chiropractor, I come in and remove that subluxation, allowing the brain to communicate to the body.”

Ultimately, both experts agree that taking great care of our body all year is the key to having a great summer!

For more information on colon hydrotherapy with Essential Cleansing Center, visit or call 706-733-5000. Contact Flack Family Chiropractic at or call 706-305-3241 to learn more.

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