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Stylist Jenna Bien

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Summer Hair Care

Don't Let Chlorine Ruin Your Tresses, Professional Tips to Calm your Stresses

Living in the Texas Hill Country, many of us must overcome the heat and the hard water challenge. Hair can be super porous, especially in the summer with heat, chlorine and hard water. We’ve all seen how blonde hair can have a green tint—this is caused by chlorine and mineral buildup.

As a hairstylist, clients often ask about summer hair care. Here are some of my favorite tips:

1. A hat is great if you’re in the sun and not swimming. If you are going under, protect your hair before taking a dip—wet hair close to the cuticle and use a leave-in conditioner before getting in. Use a product that has UV protection.

2. After swimming, use clarifying shampoo once a week. If you have colored hair, be cautious—some can fade hair color. Use good hair products and mask once a week. Lay off the heat from styling tools. I love to do braids, ponytails and hats. Let your hair be in its natural state if it’s curly.

3. The heat can cause your hair to become frizzy and split ends may appear. To keep your hair healthy, get a regular trim every six-to-eight weeks to remove any split ends, cut down on frizz and keep your hair looking its best.

  • Stylist Jenna Bien

A stylist for more than 15 years, Jenna Bien is one of Dripping's most beloved hairdressers. Find her at Blushing Belle Beauty Bar, beautifying blonde bombshells, breathtaking brunettes and everything in between.