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Summer on the Fairway

Article by Samantha Schoengold Beranbom

Photography by Provided by Salem Golf Club

Originally published in Ridgefield Lifestyle

Salem Golf Club is a summer vacation right in Ridgefield's backyard. Whether you are looking for a little 'me-time' or a place to spend outside with the whole family, the beautiful 18-hole private golf club in Northern Westchester County offers an array of memberships and benefits that fit every lifestyle. Lush greens and an abundance of amenities make Salem the perfect place to unwind, relax, and soak in the sunshine, all while improving your golf game, conveniently close to home. 

Enjoy the driving range, putting green and short game area. The Club operates with no tee times for maximum member flexibility since reservations are not required. Post-game, members can take advantage of the fitness center or relax by the pool and enjoy the extensive menu at The Clubhouse, which is also host to various Summer and Fall events to mingle with members, including Clambakes, Holiday BBQs, and Pool Parties. With scenic views, The Clubhouse's ballroom is also the perfect venue for special occasions, from weddings to corporate events. Kids are kept busy with fun activities, including junior camps, where they can work on their own swing when not poolside.

At Salem Golf Club, resident experts Kevin Breen, Head Golf Professional/Instructor, and Chris White, Assistant Golf Professional, are your secret weapon to help you advance your game. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, their advice and knowledge are invaluable as you plan your tee time at Salem. Here, they share key tips for improvement to help with the lifelong quest of improving the performance of your golf game.

Grip Tip: 1) Place club in fingers, left thumb should be positioned to the right of center. 2) Close the gap between the left thumb and the index finger, having two knuckles visible. 3) The heel pad of your left hand should be on top of the shaft. 4) Your right hand comes in facing the target. 5) Lifeline should cover the left thumb.

Pro Tip: At Salem, you will often find yourself with the ball sitting above or below your feet. When the ball is below your feet, bend more at the knees when you take your stance. The natural tendency of the shot is to go more right of your target; therefore, you should aim more left of your intended target. When the ball is above your feet, choke down on the club and grip closer to the shaft. The ball will tend to go more left of your target; therefore, you should aim more right of your intended target. When the ball is on an uphill lie, tilt your spine angle to match the slope. The uphill lie will cause the ball to launch much higher in the air with more spin, so consider taking an extra club. When the ball is on a downhill lie, tilt your spine angle to match the slope. The downhill lie will cause the ball to launch much lower than normal with less spin, so consider clubbing down. 

Practice Tip: When practicing, utilize an alignment stick or club to ensure your footline and target line are parallel and pick out a specific target. When practicing without alignment aids, we can believe we are hitting the intended shot, but we might be aiming too far left or right of our intended target. Try to pick any irregularity or focus on a piece of grass about three feet in front of the ball that lines up with your target. If you hit the ball on this line, it will ensure you have hit your intended target. 

Pro Tip: Many new drivers and woods allow players to adjust the loft at the tip of the shaft. If your shots are overfading or slicing, try increasing the loft. When the loft is increased, it naturally closes the face of a driver or fairway. If your shots are overdrawing or hooking, try decreasing the loft. When the loft is reduced, it naturally opens the club face of a driver or fairway. 

Putting Tip: The speed of a putt dictates the effective size of the hole. The size of a standard golf hole is 4.25 inches in width. One revolution of the golf ball is 5.26 inches, about the length of a dollar bill. Each revolution of the golf ball shrinks the effective width of the hole by 12%. The harder you hit a putt, the smaller the hole gets and, in turn, has less chance of going in.

Salem Golf Club

18 Bloomer Rd, North Salem, NY 10560 

(914) 669-5485  

The speed of a putt dictates the effective size of the hole.