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Summer Reading List for Kids

Armchair Adventures for the Young at Heart

Article by Kimber Patterson

Photography by Rediscovered Books, Boise

Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle

Winter reading gets a lot of love when a cup of cocoa and a good book is on everybody’s Instagram in January.  But summer reading is just as relaxing and enjoyable.  When the days are hot and the afternoons are lazy, it’s the perfect time to indulge in a good adventure without breaking a sweat.

In a survey conducted by Scholastic, children who are allowed to choose their own book are three times more likely to be a frequent reader.   These are astounding numbers and show the huge impact of allowing your child to browse and pick the books they would like to read.

Rebecca Leber-Gottberg of Rediscovered Books in Boise and Caldwell shared some popular choices for your child’s reading list.    “Families are making reading at home or on vacation a social act,” she says.  “Parents establish a time during the day when all members of the family gather to read on their own, or take turns reading the same book aloud.  It’s a great way to connect.”

Reading for fun keeps kids entertained and interested, and they will be more engrossed in a book they choose themselves rather than material that is forced on them.   Allowing them to explore is one of the greatest joys of summertime—right up there with running in the sprinklers.

Rediscovered Books, 180 N. 8th Street, Boise, ID

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